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    Nifty fifty STM - focus issues, or human error?

    I have a question for users experienced with fast primes. Today, I tried to test AF with my 700D (T5i) and my two lenses: - EF-S 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 IS STM - EF 50mm 1.8 STM I noticed an issue with the 50mm. When I open up the aperture to the max, the AF jumps a bit on every other photo. But...
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    PowerShot SX220/SX230 - two flash questions

    My brother plans to get a used SX230, and I do know that flash pops up automatically on every startup, and that it lowers down on every shutdown. However... 1. If you let it pop up, and select "Flash Off" option among the flash settings, will it stay off even when it pops up on the next...
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    Canon Rebels - one or two physical shutter curtains?

    Since I've read that some models have "electronic first curtain" shutters on the official Canon website, I tried to find out whether Canon Rebel cameras (xxxxD and xxxD EOS models) have just one, or both physical shutter curtains. To find out, I've watched many YouTube videos where people...
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    Focal length - question about millimeters

    Hello. I have a question about DSLR lenses that has always bothered me, and it's about the focal length millimeter values. I know that the focal length is the length in millimeters between your sensor and the optical center of your lens, that is, a piont where the light rays collimate. But I...
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    700D (T5i) - type of the shutter button

    Well, many people say they are. Models with four, three and two digits (1200D, 700D, 60D) use the two-stage button. Models with one digit (7D, 6D, 1D) use the soft button. Actually, both of them are two-stage buttons, but on the soft one you don't feel the "border" between first (autofocus) and...
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    700D (T5i) - type of the shutter button

    If anyone of you owns a 700D (T5i), can you tell me what kind of shutter button does it have? Is it the standard two-stage button (with tactile hard stops between focusing and shooting), or is it the "soft" button (like on 6D / 7D), without tactile feedback? Thanks in advance!