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    Even meerkats love Canon cameras. lol
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    Pacific Northwest

    Nice set, just wait until you can really get out to explore this great part of the world.
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    Wildlife Photos - Lack Of Mammal Love?

    Pepper spray and bears.... just means what they eat is now spicy.
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    Wildlife Photos - Lack Of Mammal Love?

    Somebody say wolf??
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    Wildlife Photos - Lack Of Mammal Love?

    Posting up critters all the time...
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    Yikes it's been wet

    It's been a very wet month here in the Northwest, we have a new record for rainfall in the month of March with one more day to add to it. Mt Rainier made a special appearance this morning peeking out between the clouds backlit with a bright rim around it when I got home from work this morning...
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    Up Coming Wedding. Newbie needs help

    Ok, you got some pretty positive answers here. I am in the Google it camp since there are so many options out there to pick from. Now be ready to get hammered. Newbies shooting a wedding, let alone a friends wedding can and have taken some heat from members in the past. So pull on your big...
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    Volunteering at the Humane Society

    Get down on the floor, in the majority of these you are shooting down on them. Get on their level .
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    You must have scared her, she's pale as a ghost.
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    Cape Buffalo

    Is that a single Cape or is there another behind it making it look really long?
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    Need some help....

    Then you need to adjust your lighting so it's hitting the baseboards the same as other "white" area in the photo. So many times shifting white balance throughout an image is a problem with uneven lighting.
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    Mt Rainier pre-sunrise light

    Actually the last two of those places went for a pretty reasonable price, cheaper than a house of the same size closer in to Seattle... 380ish. the builder lost his hiney on them paying a large amount for the lots.
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    Today's Soccer game

    Well at least one sport in the spring doesn't stop for rain. But the ground was so soft they could not keep their footing very well and by the end of the first half the divots on the field were large enough to stop the ball when it would hit them. I told the coach that they need to get the...
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    The rain stopped for a baseball game

    The record amount of rain we've had has really made it tough to get ball games in. Felt a little rusty shooting today since I haven't been out in a while. Soccer game pics will be up in another thread shortly. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    Mt Rainier pre-sunrise light

    Yep, that's the spot, actually on the side road where they built those three new little 4,000 square foot cabins.. won't be like this for long because once they put a few more new homes in there you won't be able to see the lake.