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    Thanks all I also like the last the most :) On the first one I tried multiple variations on how to place the fall and finally saw that exactly in the middle works the best here :) Putting the fall lower and showing more trees almost killed the waterfall effect and putting the fall to...
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    Ok a few shots of an autumn waterfall. The first one is an experiment to try with a tele lens: A wider angle shot of the whole fall and one with a macro lens of an angle which I liked comments welcome :)
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    Snow, Snow, Everywhere!

    hehe :) Well I'm only 80km from Finland and I can tell you that you have daylight for ca 5h at the moment. But don't expect any snow :) Am quite north and well we had a small amount of snow today. IT SNOWED FOR 5 MINUTES. It's full into december and we usually have around 1m of snow by now, but...
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    Watcher of the night

    The last sunrays are falling and you drive around small forest streets happy with the days catch of nice shots, then you giggle and think that the only thing that could top it now is an owl sitting quietly on a tree.... 5 minutes later you have hit the brakes 100m past one pulling the car to...
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    Sleeping bats

    So you already saw the caves, now come the ones who dwell there :) #1 - Not yet asleep #2 - why hang when you can just crawl into a crack? #3 - sleeping in a row #4 - totally asleep comments welcome :)
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    sure Corinna, show away :) pascal: the actual point of the picture is as the title sais the mess of branches and the colours. These pastel shades of gray and brown with the intertwining branches appealed to me and actually the bird there is just an added bonus to give a tweak to the pic :)
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    I think every single photographer who has tried to take a shot of a bird has had a moment where he composes the picture perfectly expecting the bird to keep looking the way he did only to be able to take shots of the bird looking exactly the other way... Once you get used to him looking that way...
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    A few night shots which I tried to take today :) The weather was crap as I had hoped for full moon, but the layer of clouds was so thick that nothing came from it... #1 - Cattail in reflection #2 - reflection of a house behind trees comments are welcome.
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    nope, they were 70 years ago used for mining. But are now abandoned and under protection as they are habited by bats during the winter. I have a few shots of them as well :) Will post later.
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    Was in caves recently. The pictures were taken in absolute darkness with just the flashlight as a light source. Exposure times were ca 25-30 seconds. The water hasn't been disturbed for a long time so it's perfectly flat (no air moving either). #1 - deep in the rock #2 - closer to border...
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    No word association?

    video killed the radio star ...
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    I'm sitting in my apartment in the middle of...

    well it was just a few days ago -15 degrees........... centigrade. Best joke was that I had a flight from Tallinn to Zurich and during that flight I flew from -15 to +15 :P a nice 30 degree difference (more for you farenheit worshippers) :P
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    thanks :) about marmots:
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    Last time when I was hiking in Geneva lake area met up with these fellas: #1 - environment #2 - peeking #3 - And you are? lemme know what you think :)
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    bounce :P