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    Need help with strobes.

    Wow, thats alot of input. Thanks a bunch for the help guys. Planning on doing a little shot this weekend if things go as plan, but then again do they ever. Thanks again guys. ...........signed Randall
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    Need help with strobes.

    Here is the deal. I have a nikon d90 that i have become very comfortable shooting in manual mode so I am not an entire newbie. I got a pretty good grasp on exposure and iso an etc. Now the thing is that i never use the flash. I recently got 2 square perfect strobes and light boxes for some...
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    Need Lens advice Please.

    Here is the deal. I have a nikon d-90 with a kit lens 18mm-135mm. For general shooting the lens is okay but i have been trying to break into stock photography and this lens is not so good. Purple fringing, CA, not the sharpest focus. I shoot alot of product shots, some in a light tent some not...
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    C&C on 3 I took today

    I like #2 and #3 best. #1 would be better if you had the sun at a better angle. That way it would have better shadows on the ground (IMO). #2 makes me feel like it is a harsh enviroment and only the strong will survive. #3 is my favorite, it kind of draws me into it. Very well done (IMO)
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    Played with b&w today

    I really like #2. I use to spend my summers in a small farm town many, many years ago and #2 brings back lots of memories. The black and white sets well with the old tractor. I fell you captured a moment and isn't that what photography is all about. Well Done.
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    Waxwing C&C

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Just wished I had a 400mm when it comes to bird shots, but they are so pricey. Hey Alex, I noticed you have a 70-200 2.8 VR. I bet that is one sweet lens. I shoot deer pictures in the woods and I could really use the extra light that you get with the 2.8...
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    Waxwing C&C

    Shot this a couple of hours ago using my 70-300mm. No tripod but i had the VR on. Focal Length 300mm, Aperture f/10, shutter 1/320, ISO 200.
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    newbie first photo post c&c

    First let me say that IMO i think the girl is stunningly attractive. Second i do like the concept of the knife, I do agree with the other comments that the photo is a little out of focus and has a little too much noise. I must say that i like the photo and it is a very good first post IMO. I...
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    Deer 2 C&C

    Thanks Overread. And yes for some reason she pulled her hind leg up and held it there for a few secs. I did get lucky because most my shots have a shutter of 1/250 or faster. I am trying to get some photos of a huge buck I ran into one morning. I just got a glimpse of him and he was gone...
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    Deer 2 C&C

    This is a shoot i got a couple of weeks ago fairly early in the morning. I live close to several hundred acres of woods and i enjoy trying to get photos like this. I am not a hunter but some guys i work with are and they have really helped me on where to look for deer and how to wait until the...
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    Trying Simple light. C&C

    This is my first attempt at some simple back lighting from a window. I know it is rather dark, that is the way I wanted it. Manual Mode, ISO 200, Shutter 1/80, Aperture F/4.5, and Matrix metering. The light coming in from the window was the only light in the room.
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    Feather Butts

    Nice photos. I really like #2 and #3. What was your camera settings?
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    does any1 like this

    I like it but it would be better (IMO) if you had a lower angle or photoshopped out the tree tops to the right but hey I a noob who am I to give advise.
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    C&C pictures....

    I like #1 And #3 with #3 being my favorite. If you could reshoot #3 and get your eye in focus I think that would make it that much better. Nice work (IMO)
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    Trying Car lights once again C&C

    Okay, the last time i shot at 30 second shutter speed and it caused the lights to blow out. here is another attempt from last saturday night. Mode Manual, Shutter 15 secs., Aperture F/22, ISO 100, Manual focus and Focal Length 110. No post work.