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    Canon 1200mm f5.6 on eBay

    It's not mine, but I thought y'all would like to take a look at this bad boy up for sale. Just listed a few hours ago. Canon EF 1200mm F 5 6L USM Lens "Very RARE" Made to Order 20 Unit Only | eBay How I wish I could afford it... :greenpbl:
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    Left or right eye?

    Right handed; left eyed.
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    High School vs. College Football; Differences

    It's go time y'all, I'll save the specs until after the game... But anyway, I have an on-field media to a NCAA Div. 1 game in November. You bet your britches I'm pumped! :mrgreen: (Note: It will be an outdoor afternoon game). I've been shooting Div. 1 high school football for a few years, so...
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    Sigma 300mm f4 APO; 1995 or 1997?

    Sorry, they are both designated "Macro".
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    Sigma 300mm f4 APO; 1995 or 1997?

    Good evening all, A rather specific question has entered my mind, and unfortunately it's too late to call Sigma today. In the two links below are two different Sigma 300mm f4 APO lenses. One is a tele-macro (manufactured in 1997), the other is not (1995). I am looking at buying one, but...
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    my dog :)

    Cute pup!
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    My crazy border collie

    Ah, those rare shots of the crazed eyes... Perhaps the funniest of pet photography. Nicely done!
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    Amateur "photographer" looking for critiques

    The poor girl has fled the forum. :lol: I like the photos, well done!
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    Osprey Incoming...

    Regarding #3, I'm going to quote one of my favorite movie... "He's coming right at us!" *Dives out control tower window* :mrgreen: Excellent work as usual, sir.
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    My first lightning pictures (Atlantic City, NJ)

    Badda-Boom! I'll take #3. Well balanaced, horizon is not in the center of the frame, all lights are in moderation. Excellent!
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    My Sunrises

    #2 & 4. I like the rock in the low foreground. Gives a better sense of perspective than just water.
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    A Morning at the Beach

    I really like the one of the dog. So, I hate to be the new guy with critique, but I'm not feeling the rest of the shots. For #1, you could have climbed down the rocks a little more, with the camera 6-8 inches above the water, giving a much more "involved" feel to it. Same with #3, don't be...
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    Canyon Pictures

    2nd picture is great! I like that you chose to have the landscape in focus with the flowers being soft. Well done.
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    Storm clouds, bonfire and smoke

    #2 is good with the color and placement of the smoke. #3 just scares me... :lol:
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    First time ocean shots

    #3 & 10 are my favorites. The long exposure keeps the water smooth, with rich color in #10!