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    Brick Waves

    Liking the play of shadow an light on the stone facade. As an architectural student it really grabs me.
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    Flying through the Super Market with my Girl

    A really nice shot. Love the panning effect and colors. :thumbup:
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    Studio grab shot

    That shot is really cool. like the focus on the cam
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    At the beach

    Thanks alot. Will try to clone him out. Appreciate the tip Unfortunately, no i don't. was just on the beach with my girlfriend one day an just say them there. Looked like they were try to build something in the sand. Thanks alot for your comment.
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    At the beach

    Thanks alot. Really appreciate your input. I must admit, I didn't notice the person in the water. It's good to have a fresh eye look at my stuff. Thanks for pointing it out. Would love some more critique, so keep them coming. Thanks.
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    Me+Friends kids+park for 10 min = This

    i don't know why, but i just love #2. Love the emotion in it. an the B/W works. I guess the selective color wasn't necessary since i barely notice it. Like it still.
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    At the beach

    Had this one sitting on my system for a little while. I like it so I decided to post it to get your thoughts. This was taken at Fort Clarence beach in Jamaica. At The Beach Aperture: F/5.6 Shutter Speed: 1/800s ISO: 100 C&C appreciated
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    Distant Visions

    Cool shot. like the composition. :thumbup:
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    Heartpatrick Portraits - Ian Chung

    Really nice the variety of composition. :thumbup:
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    Delicate Pink

    Thanks alot for the that you have mentioned it, it does look hot reduce the contrast a bit and see how it turns out. Keep the C&C's coming. Thanks
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    Delicate Pink

    It's been a while since i have posted new stuff on the forum but i found a shot i liked an decided to post it. Let me know what you'll think. Aperture - F/5 Shutter Speed - 1/640s Iso - 400 [Edit]Lovely Pink C&C welcomed and appreciated. Thanks
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    69 (NSFW!)

    lol @ title. Really nice image
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    TX Wild Spring Models

    gorgeous shots. loving #2
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    jus love it. filter works 4 me. :thumbup:
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    Jus lovely....great composition an DOF