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    flower shot- how would you edit this?

    I wouldn't completely remove them; otherwise it becomes a floating flower; personal preference though. Just a quick edit of it - split masks based on red channel (not enough separation otherwise) for brightness/contrast layers, selective colour for the brighter, cyanish item in the bottom...
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    Feedback on my photography please?

    Most here wont click to external. Pick some photos that tie together in sets that you would like comments on post threads for those. If you are after c&c don't go for more than 2-3 at a time and number each of them for easy reference. Welcome to the forum.
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    Haha, I though as much. Thanks; Also, the second was intentionally left like that - a bit hipstery but thought I'd go with it from the lighting already there just to try it.
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    Thanks for your comments Whiskey. Agreed that it's pretty flat lighting but certainly an improvement on my earlier stuff. cgipson1; definitely agree on the foliage part - plenty more I need to work on getting right in camera. I didn't even attempt to do the edit you started there. May I ask if...
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    Neices picture

    Adding on to the above, a lot of your shots here are looking down on the subject a little. Try getting lower and shooting level - not to say that all shot should be from there but something to consider.
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    Sorry for the formatting; site is ignoring Enters for some reason.
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    Only my fourth portrait shoot, and only second with and sort of lighting gear so any c&c would be appreciated to help me improve. All are with the nifty fifty on a 550D. Combination of reflector and 430ex II (on camera in this case) used basically just as fill lighting. Let me know what you...
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    Sunset/Nightscape on the coast

    Bumping in hope of some additional comments; equally interested in the good and the bad - particularly if they come in a constructive form...
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    Does this lens exist?

    Was this one of the Sigmas that might require return until you get a sharp one / one that focuses well? Otherwise I have heard good things about this lens too. Yeah, CA is pretty much a non-issue. I use Bridge and lens correction is profiled quite well to remove any CA issues, and I doubt...
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    Does this lens exist?

    For something a little longer I'll second the 85 f/1.8 - quite a nice lens even if prone to a bit too much CA when wide open in particular situations (backlight).
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    Beach shoot - sunrise or sunset? location Miami beach

    Not sure you can generalise that much. Sunrise vs sunset would be different every day in the same location, and for different locations the difference in direction the light is coming from will in some ways determine your shoot and determine which is best...
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    C & C please

    As a general rule oof elements close to the camera than the subject tend to be distracting, particularly when they take a large portion of the frame. If you crop from the left and right to come in tight on the central leaves and crop from the bottom as well (either maintain 2:3 or go to 4:5...
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    Upgrading to an FX body

    The suggestion with that list would be to invest in better lenses first. Do you know particularly what you like to shoot, or what focal lengths you tend to use etc? From there can look at better lenses then once you have those look at upgrading your body. Lenses (along with lighting equipment...
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    A beginner in need of CC

    Quite a nice shot. As the other have noted, WB, but also wouldn't mind seeing it with a bit of fill light from the right side of the shot.
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    First pic with canon t3 critique

    So your subjects are the backgrounds... my guesses would have been the Christmas tree and the rows of boats. In addition to the camera shake comments (probable cause) in the second you also have motion blur with the boats if you look at the top of the masts. Not a lot you can do about that in...