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    Nikkor 35mm 1.8 G DX

    I am having the fx vs dx dilemma. I went to the store yesterday and I like the 35mm 1.8 but don't want to get another dx lens right now. But the 35mm 2.0 is much more expensice... So, then (since I was itching for a new lens) I was looking to upgrade my 50mm 1.8D to a 50mm 1.4G and I saw no...
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    show your business card(s)!

    Roey, that's cool, I did part of my degree at SUNY Oswego :o)
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    AHH Which do I buy???

    I am LOLing on this post 'cause I am having the same dilemma. Different camera but same thing. I think if I get the 85mm, I might abandon my beloved 50mm. LOL Good luck...
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    How Do You Use Your Blog?

    mine is personal ramblings and recent shoots...I try to alternate between the 2...
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    show your business card(s)!

    Here's some of the MOO ones, the cardstock feels great...
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    show your business card(s)!

    I also have Moo cards, which I LOVE!
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    images on CD (technical issue)

    Thanks guys, I am still baffled by this one, I will post when I find out what is going on, maybe help someone else in the future!
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    images on CD (technical issue)

    Thanks Andrew, I am thinking this too. I burnt a DVD last night, worked fine on my mac then it wouldn't work on the PC, I know this is not the prob me client is having but I just wanted to check it on the PC and now I can't seem to do that, aggghhhhh. Any Mac users ever encountered this? Also...
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    images on CD (technical issue)

    Not sure id this is the right place, but didn't know where else to put it, so here goes... I gave a recent client a DVD and she can read it and all but she just emailed me and said when she tried to get some prints at shutterfly and mpix, they both flagged the images as small res. I don't know...
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    Free Photography To Build Portfolio?

    I did the introductory thing. I also posted a request for pregnant bellies in a local blog/forum I go on. Basically, I said I get a model release as a portfolio builder and they get images on disc. Well, did it, then she booked me for newborn shots (paid) and now booking me for when the inlaws...
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    I have no idea how I will react when actually faced with a shoot. I joined because my mum lost a baby soon after birth (b4 me) and I have a few friends that had babies born still. I know they would want to remember with some good photographs rather than a fuzzy polaroid.
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    How did you learn...

    self taught also. started with a Nikon FM in the late '80s, my dad always had photo books and used to buy second hand cameras and go and shoot all the characters down Portobello rd in London with his Nikons and Rolliflexes. I just kind of followed suit. Then he came to visit me in the states in...
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    I am an affiliated photographer for them, just started, no shoots yet, it's such a good org.
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    How to make a photo website?

    Get a template from bludomain or flashpalette, no website building skills required. Some of the bludomain ones have falsh and html, I just got a flash only, didn't know about this other stuff I am reading about GULP!
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    Finally got my website together...

    Thank you guys, Mike - can you send me the rangefinder link, please :o) VisualP- yeah I really like it, I was going to get Betty, but a few from this area have that one, So, I got Juliet with their sale! P