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    FS: Canon Camera Bodies.

    all these prices are negotiable. PLEASE help me out!
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    FS: Canon Camera Bodies.

    I used these camera in my photo classes in college. Now im moving to digital, so its time to sell the bodys! I have a Canon EOS Elan 2 body in decent qualitity. Few skuffs but nothing that hinders the cameras function. Nice metal frame. This is my favorite camera to use. I have a battery pack...
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    dpi problem!! HELP

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    Canon 400D or 350D

    just to clear things up, i dont have a digital body. i use film. im looking for something to start off in digital with.
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    Canon 400D or 350D

    im looking on adorama, i noticed they have refurb camera bodies, the XT for 399... this is deffantally in my price range. i was wondering if refurbs are as is or is there some limited warranty?
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    a shot of a violin - please critique!

    this is absolutely awesome, nice shot
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    Canon 400D or 350D

    hey everyone, im back and im looking into getting a digital and moving up from my film. Ive read reviews on both of these camera and i seem to like both of them. Just wondering what you think. Also im open to anything canon in the 1000 and below range.(cheeper the better since im in college)
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    Down Town (very image heavy,11 pics)

    i think 10 and 12 are a little dark. I know what u were thrying to do but with focusing on the light(sun) it causes the fore ground to become a dark mess. 6 seems a little overexposed in the sky. 11 has some sun spots, maybe a dirty lens. Good job though! I love No 2.
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    Rain Drops

    Picture of the gods.:)
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    Best film camera for around $300

    with film you can do anything. Hell with any camera you can shoot anything. I would reccomend a Canon EOS Rebel series camera. There about 200 dollars so that leaves you 100 to spend on a lens(Canon 50mm "Plastic Wonder!") Or to get film! This is what I did and i was very glad i did this.
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    Good Deal? Canon EOS Elan II

    Anyone know where i can get a manual of the Canon EOS Elan II? I prefer that its online(Adobe).
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    Good Deal? Canon EOS Elan II

    I went ahead and got the camera. I got it for 200 even, 215 with shipping and insurance! Im excited to add another camera to my side! Thanks for all you help guys.
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    Good Deal? Canon EOS Elan II

    I have a chance to but this camera online. heres what comes with it. 1. A Canon EOS Elan II Camera Body in Super Shape 2. A Phoenix 2X Teleconverter to bring your shots up close 3. A Canon BP-50 Battery Pack (helps save you money on expensive camera batteries!) 4. A Tamron 70-300mm...
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    Hey guys! Just wondering which one of these POV is the best thx! Comments welcome.