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    How come my new Nikon isnt zooming?

    Yes. Definitely avoid it if you can but if it's all you can afford, well, beggars can't be choosers.
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    Do you give clients a Wedding Welcome Packet?

    You know most people don't flat out say "Send business my way I'll send it your way." Getting referrals is more about building relationships. Getting to know people and making sure they know your work, and they'll be happy to recommend you. (Although you should also ask them to do you a favor...
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    Shooting into the Light

    The light at the bottom of the picture is called a lens flare. Basically if you have a really bright light (like the sun) it can create an optical illusion. Shooting into the light is really difficult to get the correct exposure. That's why the top of your photo is bright white. There's so...
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    pictures don't pop

    Sure. But let's think of all the ways you could make this more powerful: Shoot from a different angle... lots of options here. Shoot from in front, from water level up? From up top pulling down? Use a polarizer on camera Shoot at a different time of day Black and white? With filter...
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    pictures don't pop

    First off, it's easiest to get things right in camera. However, even if you take the best shot possible, you might need to make some adjustments. The best thing you can do to learn how to do post is to just mess around. Open the image in Photoshop (or your favorite program). Start playing...
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    Do you ever use a custom white balance?

    It's so easy, why you wouldn't do it? On my D700, you hold up a grey card to camera, press the buttons for "custom white balance" and take a picture of the grey card. That's it. And no matter what the lighting, the white balance is spot on, each and every time, and I never waste any time on...
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    Do you give clients a Wedding Welcome Packet?

    That sounds like a brilliant marketing idea. There's a lot of ways you can handle referral sorts of things. Maybe people refer people to you in exchange for your sending people their way. Maybe people pay you for the leads. But tirediron is right, it really would make you shine. If you've...
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    What iso 3200 costs more?

    Sadly, I've noticed all film is getting more and more expensive. The less people shooting it, the more of a "specialty" film in general is, and the more expensive. The good news is I always had a tendency to binge when film buying, so I have enough to last a while, but I'm afraid of what will...
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    How to sell photos...let me explain

    I use zenfolio. It's a great way to share photos and you can link through to various photolabs. Everything is drop shipped and you set the prices, anything above cost is yours to keep
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    Are there ways to make this photos better in Photoshop elements 10?

    Sure you can make it better, but I think what KmH is getting at is if you have the choice of getting it right in camera or doing a few hours of photoshop, get it right in camera. Not sure how you'd do it in elements, but in photoshop you can burn and dodge like with film. I'd dodge the eyes...
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    Portrait sharpening minus

    I've never heard of someone using a lower quality camera / lens to get softer skin. If you think about it, there's usually a LOT in a portrait you want to get sharp. Like a models hair (and possibly beard), eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc., etc. And of course if you are shooting wide open...
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    How come my new Nikon isnt zooming?

    A couple thoughts: 1. Many cameras have a high enough resolution that "zooming by cropping" is possible. So you take a photo as far in as you can get, then crop the hell out of it. It isn't what you're going to want to do for a picture you want to hang in an art gallery, but if you are just...
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    How to start with developing 35mm B&W film at home?

    The nice thing about developing your own film is it's pretty cheap. You can even buy bulk rolls of film. You'll get a can of raw film that's 100 ft long. Then you'll get film canisters and you can roll your own film, as many frames as you want. To get back in the digital age, you can also...
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    I'm not much of a people person

    When I started taking photographs I NEVER shot people. It was always urban scenes (like buildings) or nature. I went so far as to find ways to get rid of people from photos I took in cities and make streets look eerily empty, so much so people would start asking questions (super dark ND filter...
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    how do i avoid this

    First off, it would be helpful if you provided more info about how this was shot. As someone mentioned, it could be a mist in the air or just fog on your lens. Then again, it could just be that you're shooting at night. Ever shoot into the sun and get a lens flare? You can get the same thing...