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    Las Vegas Barbie - pic heavy

    CAMZ, I am sorry but I don't see where I am crying about a negative critique, I am responding to a straight up unprovoked attack on my model. Comments that were they made in the work place could easily be found to be sexually harassing and potentially slanderous to boot. If someone does not...
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    Las Vegas Barbie - pic heavy

    Frankly your attack is so damn ignorant and predictable that I have a hard time calling it anything other then arrogant and assinine. Attaching such a derrogatory title (Bimbo) to of a woman that you do not know only shows you to be a Neanderthal who is intellectually and socially incapable of...
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    Las Vegas Barbie - pic heavy

    Yes Vegas like any other large city has it's share of Strippers and Hookers. We also have a large number of female bartenders, cocktail waitresses, pit bosses, chorea graphed dancers, card and dice dealers and many other professions where a woman with large attention grabbing breasts will prove...
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    Las Vegas Barbie - pic heavy

    Yes if they were meant to be finished photos to hang on the wall in a frame then I would have left a shadow under the feet to ground the model. However this is actually commercial work shot and post processed to be used as custom stock. As such they are design elements that will be used by...
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    Las Vegas Barbie - pic heavy

    Her name for herself not mine but this girl is a 22 yearold mother of 2 and first time model. I think she did real well all things considered © 2009 Bobby Deal"]Vegas Vision Studios
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    What is his photo saying to you? c&c

    I am too damn cold to be sitting here while you take pictures of me
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    Neon Explosion

    Thanks, I rarely do any cropping until I am ready to print. I find it better to go into my print process with as much image available as possible and then crop to specific print sizes.
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    Neon Explosion

    Last night I lead a workshop shooting the Vintage Neon lights of Las Vegas that remain in working condition in the East Fremont District of Downtown Las Vegas. About 15 of us hit the sidewalks, gutters, bridges and on occasion even the middle of the street as we invaded this 4 block area with...
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    Remember Me!!!

    Ahh the inexplicable differences of human perception. That I think is one of the greatest things I love about photography. Two people can look at the same image and see two completely different things. When I look at her standing there holding the noose I get the sense that in her mind she is...
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    Really pretty young lady, looks a lot like her Granddad The softness is not so bad that it can'nt be corrected with a couple post production tricks
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    Remember Me!!!

    Not sure which version has more impact or emotion. Personally I prefer the destitution and mystery of the monochrome but there is something in the color that pulls at me too. I think if the belt were not so pink and lively I would prefer the color version but it is hard to say without actually...
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    Nicely done, I love the smooth tones of this image, The only thing I would change for sure would be to remove the lower rectangular catchlight in the eyes as it looks odd the the upper round one is enough to bring the eyes to life. I might also make a second version of it with some selective...
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    My first shoot with my first studio setup (comment please :D)

    A decent first try with some practice and experience you will be kicking out quality portraits before you know it. Since this was a shake out shoot I will not touch on the posing other then to say that the pose is as crucial to a portrait as the lighting. If the pose does not flatter the model...
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    Disipline NSFW

    Last Wednesday nights weekly night workshop at the studio focused on Intimate Couples Portraiture. After the workshop concluded I took an hour or so to work with our models myself. This shot was lit with a single Calumet 750 with a 16" beauty dish and 20 degree grid and then I turned my...
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    How to photograph scarf for sale

    Commercial guys like myself that are shooting this stuff do it on solid backgrounds for a couple reasons. 1. The item should be the focal point of the image, including a background of trees or whatever just adds somethhning else to distract the viewer away from the subject. We would shoot the...