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    5dmkII usable ISO and lens choice help?

    Canon 5dmkII, 24-105mm (@105mm), F4, 1/50, ISO 3200, handheld, no flash. Have fun!
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    Manfrotto 190DXB tripod..anybody has it?

    I think you have the wrong model designation, it's a 190XBD, not a 190dxb. It is actually 190XDB. I've got one, and it is pretty good.;)
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    Thank you dcclark, great feed back! I also liked the green light and felt there is a problem with the composition (hence the heavy vignetting). There was also morning dew fogging the lens which I couldn't clean, seemed to be inside the lens. It's visible in the third image. I'll try again...
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    Three images from last morning. C&C please. Thank you!
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    Three Images from Thailand

    Thanks everyone, and thank you Lackoffunding, 2 is also my fav. (I liked this guy) I agree 1 shouldn't have been cropped, 3 unfortunately had to do quickly not to disturb the monks. Here is the original Egg Seller: And another one of the sleeping pilgrim:
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    Three Images from Thailand

    1. Eggs 2. Pilgrim 3. Monks Tell me.
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    Sunrise Reflections

    Great work! I like it, but somewhat agree with PlasticSpanner. Maybe if you extend or squash the reflection. It would still look logical...
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    Two late evening shots in city

    Thank you DadeCountyAnthony and chantal7! I'm learning
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    Two late evening shots in city

    Thanks guys! It was 6 pm, 20 mm for 1. and 17mm for 2. The building on the left in 1. is The Museum of Conteporary Arts. In 2. on the right is the back of the same building.
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    Two late evening shots in city

    I am learning about perspective and came up with these two shots. Tell me what do you think: 1. 2. Thank you
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    Pai, Thailand

    I don't see them.
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    Autumn in Sydney

    Thank you abraxas!
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    Autumn in Sydney

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    Balmain houses, Sydney

    Last week I went to Balmain in Sydney. A hundred years ago it used to be poor working class suburb. Now it’s trendy and is full of gorgeous small houses. C&C please 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Thank you!
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    A lot of colour

    Thank you guys, Coldow91, your 2 cents are valuable for me - exactly the feedback I was looking for... Cheers!