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    Dynalite MK8-1222 /4040 head

    The is last generations MK8-1222 kit with the mh2050 lights. The pack is the 800 watt road max pack with the built in PW. It comes with the case two stands, two heads, two cables, a power cable, and one umbrella. The other one is missing, but they were pretty flimsy anyways and I usually ended...
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    Best Camera for Pics and Video?

    Used D750. FF, with excellent video and photo quality. It absolutely blew anything Canon out of the water when it was released. That's why I no longer own any Canon gear.
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    Question on studio strobes

    You don't have to use a 9 stop. I have several that I use in conjunction with other tricks when trying to overpower the sun.
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    How come film lights are so pricey?

    No to mention, can the OP attach modifiers to his light so that he has more than one type of light?
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    Metro center at 1PM on a Saturday. I'm guessing the rain and cold was to blame.
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    They have 4-5 restaurants in NY and the one called The Milk Bar is dedicated to just deserts. They have a Milk bar as part of the one in DC too. They have a soft serve based on their cereal milk that has corn flakes on it and tastes just like the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cereal. It was...
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    That's it! Their ice cream is that weird to say of a place known for their ramen?
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    That was the cocktails at Family Meal in Frederick on St. Pat's day. My buddy is a sous chef there. The ramen at Daika Izakaya was better. Even the ramen at a little hole in the wall in Morgantown, WV was better. The experience was good though. The pork buns weren't bad, but the ones that me...
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    And do you know what Momofuku is?
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    In in WV. But it's the almost MD part of WV. I was just in DC last weekend to try out Momofuku.
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    Honestly I've not shot for myself very much in the past few years. Every time I go to take the camera out I remember I have photos to edit for someone or some other other obligation for work or school. I ended up in DC last weekend with some friends and took about 6 photos. Here's a few of them...
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    Also, check your dumps. There's a utility that will pull them a read them. I just had to do this a couple of months ago to track down a BSOD that just wouldn't quit. Eventually found out it was a bad stick of memory. And about the same time I had a customer who we replaced the PSU, MOBO...
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    My experience of using my new (used) Pocket Wizard triggers

    Generally my strobe firing mishaps with PWs are because of the connection coming from the PW to the strobe. PC connections absolutely blow and even hotshoes have the plastic collar that can wear to where it doesn't work anymore.
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    Nikon to introduce a full frame CDC in September?

    This would be good as right now Sony has an awesome mirrorless line up, but due to Nikon's lens design it's easier to adapt Canon lenses with AF. Which sucks, because the Sony sensors in Nikon's current FF lineup are awesome.
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    First 4k edited video

    Not to derail, but what's your work flow? I have a P3P and haven't don't much video editing. I tried dragging a video into premier but on my Retina MBP it barely plays and it looks like it's only "imported" at 1080p. The original files play decently in Quick Time though. Also, I realize the...