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  • Hello, I did a web search for people who collect old ektachrome slides. I have quite a collection that have been sitting in my closet for 30+ years. Europe , New York and travels . I would hate to throw them away , will send them to you for free , maybe you would like them .... Laura
    Got the package today. All looks good. Don't have my own lab but do BW development through my job at Schiller's Camera. Thanks again!
    I lived their for many years - still have good friends in town. Worked at McDonnell Douglas / Boeing for 36yrs. Would be interested in seeing your collection if displayed somewhere next time I get a chance to get up that way. I'm currently retired in Tampa area.
    My bad - must have misunderstood info on their tracking page - glad you got a chance to pick it up. Hope it adds to your collection! Do you have a lab or shop in STL?
    Scott, looks like they are now returning the package. Sorry this didn't work out. Only option is for you to pay UPS direct for the shipment as I think this is going to cost me the full amount for the unnecessary round trip.
    Hey Scott, don't forget to pick up the UPS package. I think they only hold it for a week and then send back.
    Looks like they missed you on first delivery attempt. I think they will try again on Monday which might be problematic if you work during the day - unless you can get to wherever their UPS distribution center is?
    Tracking no. 1Z99V0137232756539 Let me know when received. Enjoy! Of course you can e mail me if any questions - cside6614@verizon.net
    Hi Scott, shipped package today - UPS Ground. Should be there by Saturday COB. Told them you would pay by personal check - $44.25. Probably could have just had them call you for CC number and you could just pay for shipping - maybe save a couple bucks - just didn't want to further complicate the process.
    I won't ship till you give me the OK. Just didn't want to surprise you. If I get to PO and is substantially more I'll let you know first as well. I think you can pay by check then they send me the check or something like that.
    Hey Scott, got the stuff boxed up and I think ready to go. Included an old argus 50mm camera of Dads he probably used for some of the early slides in Europe if that's OK. Overall probably around $50 to ship COD - let me know if that's still OK.
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