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  • Thanks Scott. I'll send them out early next week. Hopefully not expensive. about 800 slides and a couple large reels of 8mm.
    sounds great - give me a couple days to get this together and shipped. What address should I use?
    COD fine. The slides can be packed in a way that takes up the less space in the shipping box. Do not need projector cartridges/carrousels.
    Great - how do I organize that? Should I send them COD? I can provide you a digital version of the slides as well - it has my best guess of years/topics etc. Dad took a lot of pics when in the army in Europe like '53 - '55 or so. Do you want the old slide boxes as well - I think they were used like cartridges in an old projector.
    Hi Chris, I would be more than willing to take them off your hands for the price of shipping. Thanks so much, Scotty
    . - as opposed to just throwing them out or spending countless hours on e bay trying to score a few bucks. Anyways - would you be interested in this kind of stuff or maybe know someone who is?

    Hello Scotty. I have recently digitized my fathers (our families) many slides and super 8mm from years ago and distributed copies to my siblings and Mom - hence my family task since my Dad died is complete. I was looking for something to do with the slides and old movies as I have no means or intention of looking at them other than the digital copies/memories
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