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    The Old Sentry

    Nice IR shot, BD. WesternGuy
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    Oh, What a Beautiful Morning...

    BD, very nice image. I like the way the sun reflects off the clouds. WesternGuy
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    Two different moods at Reynisdrangar, Iceland

    Very nice pictures. Hard for me to pick a favourite of the two. WesternGuy
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    Summer storm - 2

    Thanks. WesternGuy
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    Summer storm - 2

    Thank you. WesternGuy
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    Summer storm - 2

    Thanks. WesternGuy
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    Summer storm - 2

    I do believe that this is some sort of an optical illusion, as the trees are straight up and down. Glad you liked the sky. WesternGuy
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    Summer storm - 2

    Fortunately this one was going away from me. I didn't see the beavers, so I am assuming they went and hid in their "house". WesternGuy
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    Came the Thunder, Lightning and then the Rain

    Neat image. Is this with your lightning trigger? WesternGuy
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    Flash Bang!

    Scary stuff - lightning and thunder at the same time. WesternGuy
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    Last Call

    Lovely sunset. WesternGuy
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    But Clouds Got in My Way

    BD, incredible clouds. Looking forward to your getting the "nuances" of your lightning trigger all working. I am curious about it because I am thinking about buying one myself. Is there a reason you chose the MIOPS? WesternGuy
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    It Was a Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day

    Great IR shot. WesternGuy
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    Summer storms on the Alberta Prairies

    I have some shots of another storm that I took as a pano with the camera in a portrait position. Unfortunately, I didn't catch as much of the storm as I wanted to, so the images do not make as good a pano as I would like them to. Next time. WesternGuy
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    Summer storms on the Alberta Prairies

    Sometimes. Let's say it is the kind of storm that you try to avoid if you are out in the country away from your house. :biggrin-93: WesternGuy