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    A very cold day with some owls

    Another great series Ray! Bill
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    A run to Iowa part 2

    Wow Ray, These are extremely stunning! like it was said you will have no trouble selling any of these! Maria is getting so big and sooo cute! Bill
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    water, rocks & long exposure

    Very cool shot, LP! Is that fog settilng in or mist from the water? Bill
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    I wish they all could be California girls....

    Great series, Well done! Bill
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    Flowers (fun with macro)

    Very nice! Really rich blues! Bill
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    Merlin The Sentinel

    Better heed the warning or feel the wrath of this Merlin! :D Almost looked like a Osprey but much smaller. This was also taken at the Edwin B. Forsyth wildlife refuge. Thanks for looking! Bill
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    A Single Giant

    Now thats a TREE! :shock: Bill
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    Just to show...

    A second for #2! Bill
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    Last Covered Bridge in Ontario

    Beautiful scene, beautiful bridge! Bill
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    A run to Iowa

    Someday I hope to be almost half as good as you, but for now all I can do is :drool: over these marvelous shots! Bill
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    Great series!! I like the Reed Frog. Bill
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    A 19 Degree Day At The Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge GBH'S 10 Pic's

    Thanks LP and doenoe for your kindness! Here is two shots from when they were coming out of the wood work. :) Bill
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    Emerald Lake, B.C.

    Those are Beautiful and as stated Spectacular! Bill
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    last holdout

    Nice shot! It almost looks like you were using a lensbaby. Bill
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    More of Winter's Short Interlude in North Germany (again: many pics!!!)

    I cropped it using the roof top as a guide, and it makes the houses look off. It's one of those optical illusions I guess. I still like it! Bill