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    Ed Brown 1911

    I'm a huge 1911 guy. I got two ed brown safe queens but none of the bobbed guns...yet. Right now i'm stuck on the old Springfield V-10', just finished a nice build thats going to be my new CCW piece. Sorry to drag on, came here from a link on a gun forum.
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    most basic gear/must have's

    i'm willing to spend probably 500-600. i have zero in it right now as everything is pretty much hand-me-downs. i have a decent Crumpler bag that i ordered a while back and never used. i'm just trying to get opinions on lenses. If it were -MY- rig i would just buy a 24-70L and call it a day...
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    most basic gear/must have's

    so my little sister has been hounding me to buy her a camera for her birthday, i've decided in stead of going out and buying an expensive body with some junk kit lens i would just give her my little XSi and throw a few of those "must have" items that should be in every amateurs camera bag...
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    Volkswagen Golf R32

    it looks like something fell on the hood, or maybe someone sat on it and wrinkled it.
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    For Sale: Used Canon Battery Grip/BG-E1

    What kind of payment do you accept? How much to ship to 70806?
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    Clocktower staircase

    WOW, I feel like i am going to go crosseyed looking at it. Very very cool, sometimes people get lost in how an image is supposed to look and forget what the shot itself represents. There is no other hobby in the world where you can freeze a moment in time instantly, to me the memory of the...
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    Heres One From Today

    doors are fun, but how did you isolate the red? I've seen point and shoot cameras that have fancy little settings built into them that isolate colors but never in a DLSR. I do very little, if any, potoshop work so i'm not very familiar with some of the tools/plugins. There is an old door to a...
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    first shot at HDR... ever

    The whole idea originally was to capture the feeling of sitting at the table looking down the hall, obviously it didn't quite work out as planned. Part of the table with an ash try and a mostly empty wine glass were originally in the shot but I had a hard time making it work out. I went a...
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    first shot at HDR... ever

    I've never done this before, never even been a big fan of it. I do not usually do much post shot adjusting. Well i had my house to myself tonight, a six pack and about 30min of pure frustration this is what i ended up with. most likely my first and last go at HDR unless i can find a way to...
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    Shooting in the rain

    ive done it many times, however i dont go grab my camera and run outside if its raining. if your smart and keep a rain cover in your camera bag i dont see why you should shy away from a little rain.
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    1000+ Random Pictures

    slobbery tennis ball. first picture ever taken with a DLSR #60
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    new here

    i stumbled across the forum while digging around the net for some tech information. i liked the layout of the site and decided to join, hopefully i'll have something to contribute to make up for the information i absorbed.