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    Sales Tax?

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    Sales Tax?

    Just got word from my accountant and shooter was right. Photography services ARE taxable as far as sales tax goes. :(
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    Sales Tax?

    For the record MLeek, I do have a tax ID number and have been paying all the taxes so far. I go thru a CPA for income tax and deductions and such, but have been doing sales tax on my own since 2004. I was just wondering if I didnt have to be paying on the sales tax. Sounds like crap if we...
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    Sales Tax?

    Yuck. Ok, thanks for looking into it.
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    Sales Tax?

    Thanks for the input shooter. Doug
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    Sales Tax?

    So do you think you can seperate the two. IE charge 200 for a shoot. 150 will be for the service of my operating my camera, and 50 for the photos you get? Just wondering. I have a CPA looking into it also. I will advise what I find out, but in the mean time would love to hear more stories. Doug
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    Sales Tax?

    I realize this will be a state specific question, but wondering if you wedding photogs, senior port. type photogs are paying salse tax on the income you make for the shoot? For the sale of prints of course we pay sales tax, but what about the service of shooting the pictures? I have been paying...
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    Tornado approaching farmhouse

    Missed the farmhouse by a few hundred feet!!! Whole sequence can be seen here... Tornado in Nebraska
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    The Hollywood Sign in HDR

    LOVE it!
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    Is there anything neat tp photograph in NYC?

    Been away for awhile. Thought I would share what I found... More here... Trip to New York City
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    Can you change a bulb in a speedlite?

    I have the Canon 420 EX Speedlite. It has stopped flashing. All the lights on the flash work as normal. The light that the flash is ready comes on. The test light comes on. If I press it, it doesnt flash. It doesnt flash on the camera, but I know it isnt the camera because other flashes work...
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    Why 72 DPI?

    Why does my camera shoot at 72 DPI when I shoot on the Hi REs JPG setting and makes the file 60 inches by 40 inches, but when I shoot at RAW it opens up at 300 DPI and a file size of 14.5 inches by 9.7 inches? Doug
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    Is there anything neat tp photograph in NYC?

    Ill be in NYC for 10 days and was wondering, as a photographer, what is a must to see? Statue of Liberty. Brooklyn Bridge. (Not interested in ground zero). What else? Thank You, Doug Raflik
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    That is one sweet foreground for you to work with. If you can get some more lightning into the same frame, you may have a marketable shot. Doug Raflik