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    Customers are crazy!

    Have you ever done a shoot and during the ordering session the customer chooses your worst shot of the bunch as their all time favorite? Happened twice this week. Now--- they weren't bad shots but I take a series of 3 similar shots of each pose. Twice this week the customer has chosen the "runt...
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    Celeste bikini 4 C&C

    In the first-- your light is hotter and harder than your normal work. It's not bad it's just different than your other stuff. It's a nice shot. It's not highly dramatic but it's solid work. The second is, in my opinion a bust as far as a portfolio piece. You are right about the pose and you...
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    I can probably clone that out for you.
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    ISO vs Sensor Size (Noise)

    I don't think the "sensor efficiency" really matters. It's just saying that IF canon applied that same tech to a full frame sensor that it would THEN be better. Regardless-- I absolutely love my 7dmkii.
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    I got invited to a wedding...because I have a camera.

    Yeah doctors don't get that-- but it's not exclusive to photogs. I get the "can you bring your hair cutting scissors?" All the time
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    Pharaoh's Attic

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    Model Shoot

    I'm planning on shooting a competition piece out there with a 6 year old girl who has the most striking eyes I've ever seen. And our studio is shooting a dance team out there next month. It's inaccessible for about 7-8 months out of the year but it's pretty popular in the summer.
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    Model Shoot

    About 40 miles..... 20 of which are dirt road
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    Model Shoot

    Thanks guys. Challenging is the word of the day. Wyoming wind does not play around with reflectors and getting equipment and model up to the top of the dunes was "fun". I have a big job of de-sanding my tripod ahead of me. Fun fact of the day--- there are ponds in the dunes that occur because...
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    Model Shoot

    This past weekend I participated in a 3 day workshop through WPPA and was able to earn 3 PPA Merits towards my Master Photographer "degree" through PPA. For one of the workshops, we took a model out to the sand dunes and shot for like 3 hours. I feel like I learned so much. I didn't have...
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    Buffalo panoramas

    Good call as Bison cause more deaths in Yellowstone than bears!
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    Pink polka dotted bikini - Julie

    The strap is twisted-- I'm sure that can be cloned. I'd also clone out the dark stripe in the pool. Her face seems smoother than her chest-- so maybe some slight smoothing there. It's a very nice shot! These are just my nit picks.
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    There's always a lighthouse

    I would have composed this a little different. The railing at the bottom of the frame distracts me from the lighthouse and pulls my attention out of the frame. The lighthouse should be the focal point so I would have either shot closer/zoomed in on the lighthouse or I would crop the bottom 3rd...
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    Help me buy a laptop

    ok folks-- my main editing computer is s desktop. This is where I do any and all REAL edits. What I need is a laptop to take to workshops and the occasional presentation. I need it to run Lightroom and Photoshop but it doesn't have to be top of the line because I'm not using it for real work--...