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    Travel Photography

    Thanks for the website, it's helpful.
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    Travel Photography

    okay, thanks everyone, i will buckle up and do some research
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    Travel Photography

    I'm going to France, Italy, Switz, and Croatia in about 9 days. I'm going with my dad and we have where we're going planned down to the dot, but I was reading somewhere that you should plan your pictures ahead of time as well and be very meticoulous. I was hoping to just walk through the streets...
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    my trip to San Francisco

    Ah San Francisco, I live about an hour from there and have never gotten up to go spend a day to just shoot some photos.. I need to do that soon haha. Looks like you got some great shots, I especially like the waterfall one and the one of the Golden Gate Bridge. Was that shot from the Golden Gate...
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    BIG Air

    nice shot, love the angle
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    Babysitting can be fun

    thanks :)
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    Cheez-It <-> Water <-> Hay <-> Moose <-> Cowboy

    I really love the 2nd and 3rd shot, as well as the last one. Great series
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    You'll just have to click to find out.... ;-)

    The eagle one is great.
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    Babysitting can be fun

    Haha yes I got paid, well to watch her. haha
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    Babysitting can be fun

    Took some shots of a girl I was babysitting
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    late night craving

    Haha, i made sure my camera wasn't in there for too long at a time, that would be bad, here's another take from the shot, i'm going to try this idea later as well. Thanks for the comments!
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    late night craving

    haha what?
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    late night craving

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    Photojournalism Program

    Hi everyone, I'm 16 y ears old and I recently came back from a photojournalism program. Here are some shots I took during it. These are from a San Jose giants game (they're a minor league baseball team) it was the 3rd of July and we were going for the "All American" type of thing. Sorry for...
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    Conversion lenses

    I think extension tubes are an alternative to macro lenses and are used on SLRs