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    So much for the "No Pros use Sony" argument :p

    I'd switch to Sony .. if they sponsored me to do so that is. Pay me and supply me with all the toys I need to complete my work and I'll shoot with a JC Penny camera. Ok that was taking it a bit far. :)
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    I switched to e-cig .. be 2 years next April. I can't say that I honestly tried to quit the nicotine habit but the e-cig completely took away the cravings for real smoke. My main concern was the whole death factor of smoking kicking in at some point. Plus it saves me a couple hundred bucks a...
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    Why such High ISO?

    Nothing to do with quality .. Everything to do with selling cameras
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    Sharpness Question

    Like Derrel said, it's the noise that it the real culprit. If you want it to appear a touch sharper you might try brushing on a little Clarity in Lightroom (Definition in Aperture). That might give you the results your wanting. You could possibly do a little noise reduction to the darker area of...
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    Flash Meter?

    I've always preferred Sekonic but if you want cheap you can get a Novatron FM02 for $100 new .. probably $50 or less used. They're not pretty but they work for most peoples purposes.
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    can you tell me what lens this is?

    Probably a Cine lens. Maybe a Zeiss 15 or 28 .. somewhere along those lines. I dont think it's a canon model. It would help to see a side view of the lens to help determine the manufacturer. Either way you're probably looking at about a $3,000-5,000 cinema lens.
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    Dusty Nikon FE

    You can often pick up a working FE anywhere between $50-150 .. so I wouldn't pay for a fix unless of course you want to simply because it was your dads camera ... which is actually what I would do .. it's like a family photographic heirloom. :) The Tokina is actually pretty sweet too. The AT-X...
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    Very true but what's wrong with that? I have a box full of medical supplies and lab coats I used for a photo shoot last year. If I put on the white coat and give my kids some Tylenol does that mean I deserve to be called a doctor? There's nothing wrong with these conversations .. they need to...
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    How should I have taken this pic?

    Just some general info for you. You shot f/1.8 .. ISO800 .. 1/10 sec .. 50mm Increasing ISO introduces color noise .. the higher you go the more you introduce. It will be most noticeable to you in the darker area of the fireplace on the left. See how it looks splotchy. It's not bad in this shot...
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    I'm in need of serious help

    I have the AE-1 & Program in my collection. Both are good bodies but I would pick the program between the two. As for the lenses, the JC Penny tele-convertor .. well it's a JC Penny tele-convertor. LOL I use to own a lot of Sigma back then and they were always decent lenses. I know who Osawa was...
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    like Buckster pointed out .. we've been post-editing long before Photoshop was invented. I think a better question would be who has earned the title "Photographer"? A. Somebody who can edit images that look awesome at 500 pixels on their Facebook, Website, Etc. B. Somebody who edits images that...
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    Travelling, which lenses to take?

    I'd probably take my Nikon 105mm f/2 DC for portraits and details and the Nikon 24mm f/1.4 for larger views.