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    Lack of faith in NIKON products!

    Ok, just read six pages of discussions on the iPhone. Big headache now. Better go to sleep. I only suggestion is that if you suspect the fault is at the camera, then sell it and get a new one. It's really your choice. Disappointment is not going to fix the issue.
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    NSFW -Not Safe For Work

    What the heck were you doing anyway? Don't you have kids to take care of?
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    Simple Portrait

    It's a good shot. The crop maybe a little too tight. The question is "does your client like it"?
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    Should I remove the shovel?

    Remove the shovel if you can. It's a distraction. Wonderful photo by the way.
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    Dance photos at an Ottawa wedding

    I am sorry to say that these shots look just average to me. They are more of snap shots.
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    Angry duck.. for your C&C

    You cut off his feet. No wonder why he is angry.
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    6D or 5D Mark III?

    Yes it can. The simple way is to use an Eye-Fi Sdhc card. Maybe not directly to Facebook though.
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    Question about Custom Control on 5D MKIII

    Check out the manual on page 326. The second paragraph talks about direct AF point selection. I have mine configured so I don't have to press the AF point selection button to use the multicontroller to move the AF point.
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    I would recommend you to read the following article. I personally have stopped using RAW + JPEG. I think it is a waste of time and space.
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    Just ordered my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L EF II Lens

    Congrats! I got mine from b&h just about two weeks ago. It's a truly amazing lens. You will like it.
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    Post your BEST landscapes

    These are beautiful photos. Show us more.
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    My first portrait

    I agree with other comments. Replace continuous lighting with strobes. It will make a big difference. Also remember to keep the subject away from the background. Shoot in manual mode in RAW format. Then just keep shooting.
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    A Girl Dancer

    Thank you for your comments. I do not normally convert my photos to black and white. The color version was just awful due to non-controllable lighting. I started to realize that one way to recover a bad photo is simply converted it to B&W which can hide some major flaws.
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    What makes a good portfolio?

    It's about the quality of the photos and how these photos are presented to the viewers. I believe you should also have a purpose for displaying your photos. It could be for marketing or sales, or a simply way to share your work with friends and family.
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    A Girl Dancer

    Took this photo of my daughter after her dance performance. CC welcome!