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    What website can help to create a photobook online ?

    I used ZNO recently, they had an offer for a free 20 pages photo book and I only have to pay the shipping. Pretty good quality!
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    Do you actually feel your photography is improving?

    I guess when your photography has improved, you start getting some insight of what you should do or have done. You'll also pay more attention to composition and light to create an image, rather than taking a snapshot without thinking.
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    sea(sky)scapes. Colour or monochrome?

    I like 1-2-3 because I can appreciate the depth and the space more.
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    Neutral density filter

    I bought the square ND filter system for the exact reason you have mentioned. Got the 100x100mm filter holder that can hold most square and rectangular (GND) filters out there. Have not used the screw in filter so can't tell you which is better. But I've never regretted investing in the square...
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    NYC From far, close, and in between.

    Amazing! Really like the 3rd one :)
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    HDR Fun (Picture heavy)

    A pretty good start if you're new to HDR. It can be very tempting to make every part of an HDR image in equal brightness. But the issue is you lose contrast and the image becomes flat and, as they said, cartoony. Personally, I would refer back to the bracketed exposures and see where the...
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    Will someone critique me to help me improve?

    These are very happy pictures! :) The first 2 images - I would straighten the horizon. I really like the out of focus foreground that you've included into the composition. Both the subjects and background are equally bright. If you reduce the brightness or darken the background (which ever way...
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    Waterfall In High Def

    Doesn't overlay make darks darker? Do correct me if I'm wrong :) Why not use Shadows slider in ACR? If the image becomes washed out, just increase the overall contrast a bit to fix it.
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    Landscape over the ocean.

    Great depth! In my opinion, the image could do with a subject in the foreground. This adds interestingness and help to direct viewers attention :)
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    Waterfall In High Def

    Is this an HDR? The shadows look clipped. Otherwise, good overall sharpness and composition :)
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    Need Help!

    It depends on what you're shooting. But of the 2 lenses, I would go for 18-105. A zoom lens is always ideal for beginners to cover a variety of different style in photography. You can then buy a more specialized lens when you have decided what you want to shoot.
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    My HDR Images...please critique

    All your images have good composition. However, I'm afraid I do agree that these are overly processed. Not every image needs to be turned into an HDR - the top middle and the lower left image could be done in a single shot because it didn't look like there is high dynamic range. The first...
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    Martindale, Lake District, UK

    Beautiful set of photos! I like the B&W ones. I think these would look great if the sky isn't brighter than the hills and the foreground.
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    Kirkjufellsfoss in HDR?

    Thank you all for the positive comments =) It's very much appreciated in times when HDR has such a bad reputation.
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    Kirkjufellsfoss in HDR?