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    how much do you hate this watermark?

    I could do without the graphic portion on the left. It takes up too much space. The text is fine.
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    How to remove something?

    You could cut the car out and move it to the left also... here is a very quick edit doing just that... With a little more effort, you could clean it up a little more.
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    The song title game

    Steal Away The Night - Ozzy
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    The song title game

    Couldn't Stand The Weather - SRV
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    Got a wedding curveball for ya'.

    Tell him if you have to use his equipment then you get to choose his bride...
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    The song title game

    Draggin the Line - Tommy James and the Shondells
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    Can you make any of this out...

    It must be a camel...
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    if you didn't see magic you must fly to Santorini

    Nice pictures. "I really love those places" ...maybe.
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    Can You Sting Me?

    One reason I don't look forward to summer...
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    f-ing gross

    Where was this taken? Let me guess, down by the river?
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    Racecar Driver Portrait Session

    I like #5 the best. Even without seeing his eyes, I get a sense of his personality.
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    can this be good?

    Is it bread?
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    The song title game

    Do That To Me One More Time - Captain & Tenille
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    The song title game

    I Ain't The One - Lynyrd Skynyrd
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    The song title game

    Bad Blood - Neil Sedaka