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    My camera diconnects by itself all the time.

    I guess it'll be probably simpler to do that than to find the problem in my pc. Thanks guys :sexywink:
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    Need Advice! Which one is best? Nikon D100 or Canon EOS Rebel XT ?

    Hi guys, I want to get a new camera because mine is an old point and shoot (cybershot DSC-W1) and I'd really like to take it to the next level with a fully manual camera. I thought of the Nikon D100 and the Canon EOS Rebel XT (I saw both of them for sale used). Can someone help me figure out...
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    My camera diconnects by itself all the time.

    Hi guys, if anyone could help me with my problem, I'd be very grateful. Here it is: Whenever I connect my camera to my pc to download pictures, it disconnects by itself when I get to the folder containing the pictures. It does so when loading the thumbnails. The camera is still on and still...