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    Red Square, "Hoochie Momma"

    im not quite sure what it is, but i love this pic, nice job
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    More street stuff

    that museum addition has gotten alot of flack, personally i tihnk it looks like aluminum siding, but nice pic
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    ALMS @ Mosport

    heres a couple shots from the race this summer. C&C appreciated
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    D3X samples

    our nikon rep came into my work bout a week back, and he came in with IT, i must say, wow
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    What's your best RAW converter?

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    My First HDR using Photomatix, CC

    the issue i have with this picture is the glare on the hood of the car, its distracting to the eye and its the first thing i see when i look at the picture.
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    Our Lady Peace Live Outdoor Concert

    where was this? almost looks like the rose theather in brampton
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    Road shot! C&C Please

    though technically, the low DOF is kinda wrong, for some reason, i really like this image, it just appeals to me
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    Tongue Love (Very large photo)

    it just makes me smile. and that in its own makes it a good picture even though its a tad dark for my likeing
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    i like this....any coments?

    i think the image is a bit congested in the sense that its such a small defined area with objects that have a large presence that the eye gets confused on where to look.
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    Joshua Tree HDR....attempt =(

    to be honest i dont really like it because it seems that mountains are just blocking my view to the vast expanse beyond them. and to my eye the image seems to be a bit congested. nice looking exposure, colour and shaprness wise, but as an image i wouldnt say its fantasic. but just my opinion and...
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    Canon Rebel XSi or 40D?

    well the xsi package with that lens is a bit limiting depending on what your going to be shooting, and depending how how USED the 40d is, its a pretty stout and sturdy camera so i wouldnt be too concerned with operation. camera and lens wise the 40D sounds the best to me. but if you want...
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    My Airshow Year 2008

    just some AMAZING stuff there, good job
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    What Would You Pay?

    I have had several people wanting to buy my old camera and gear but i am horrbile with placing a value on things. so i was wondering how much do you think my old kit is worth. Pentax IST DL 18-55 mm sigma 75-300mm 50mm 1.7 Pentax AF 360FGZ flash
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    Post your LIVE version of a song you like....

    KD Lang, just awesome helpless hallelujah