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    Present advice

    Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all your answers! Book and course are a great idea. I'll get them, lenses and, because I need the present to look nice, I'll still get the body too. I know it's technically wrong, but the present needs to look good :-) Thanks again
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    Present advice

    Hi All, my aunt shoots a Nikon D40. She pretty much always uses the auto settings (Auto or P, rarely A or T, never ever M). I would like to get her a birthday present, which is going to be a little fatter than usual because of all the help she's giving to my family. My pick would be a D3200...
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    D400.. keep dreaming.

    Canon is rumored to be working on the 7D Mark II... Not sure that market is so small. Maybe the D5200 will get the second dial & the AF-motor (now that the D3200 has a great sensor and lots of features) and the D7200 (or maybe D8000) will get the CAM 3500 AF with 51 points and 10 fps...
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    Lasers and sensors

    If it was an SLR and you were not using Live View, the laser never even got to the sensor. If it's a compact camera or an SLR with Live View, it's really bad. Lasers are extremely dangerous, as the light is very concentrated. 1W lasers (a hundredth of the power of a 100W light bulb) are used to...
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    Canon EOS 6d Vs. Nikon d600

    Although I have Nikon, for wildlife I'll recommend you get the Canon 7D. Pro-build might help out in the dirt and fast burst will help with birds of prey and stuff like that. Also, take a look at the Canon lenses. For wildlife (especially birds) you'll need from 300mm to 600mm. All the recent...
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    Ooops... Sorry guys, I'm afraid I contributed to start a "many MPs better or not" and "Nikon vs. Canon" war. Just to clarify, what I meant when I criticized DxO's methodology was not about that a high pixel count is not good IN GENERAL, I was just saying that because of the mathematical...
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    It is certainly a great source, but it has some big limits. For example, for high ISO noise, when they compare sensors with different resolutions, they measure the noise at the sensor's native resolution, then they "normalize" the result to 8 megapixels. Problem is: the formula they use for the...
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    Given that, in order to enjoy the benefits of full frame, you need several thousand dollar worth of glass (unless you only shoot with 2 or 3 F/1.8 primes), sacrificing the flagship AF, the half stop faster X-sync and the 1/8000 shutter speed for just 900 USD is not very appealing to me. If I...
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    Flash power question

    Hey, just my 2 cents here. My flashes (Metz's for Nikon though, not SB's) NEVER display 1/8 -0.3, they would read 1/10. Is it normal for Nikon flashes to display such power setting?
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    Osprey Quest - Day 7.... Winner?

    Incredible eyes, wonderful intensity in your picture, and that fish is BIG! Congratulations to both you and the osprey for the great captures!
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    Looking to buy a new dslr

    If the cars are not moving, low ISO performance is not that important. Save money on the camera and get a tripod + remote control. Or a couple of speedlights. And don't forget a polarizer (CPL) if you want to see the car interiors from outside. Ciao!
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    Looking to buy a new dslr

    What do you mean? Cars in a parking lot or showroom? Or cars racing on a track? If the cars are NOT moving fast, the D90 gives you all you need. If they are moving fast, the D7000's quicker AF will help you a lot and the better high ISO performance will help you freeze the action without...
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    Nikon vs. Canon: Opinions Please

    Most funny post of the day! :-) Anyway, wrong brand and the pic will be awfully noisy even at ISO 100! This is (also) to say that the differences I mentioned in my previous post are really small and a smart use of postproduction, besides of course a thorough knowledge of your camera, will give...
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    Nikon vs. Canon: Opinions Please

    Although it's an old question and almost impossible to answer, I'll still try to write something that makes some sense. I believe they are equivalent overall, but there are indeed differences. 1) Nikon sensors have better high ISO performance, Canon sensors have better colors 2) Nikon exposure...
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    Decent Lighting / Low Cost for Intimate Model Shoot

    Hi! I'm not familiar with the Canon System, but in general, if you're committed to learning, I would recommend a camera with two control wheels (aperture and shutter speed), and second LCD screen (to look at the settings without digging into the menus). The cheapest Canon with these features...