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    Bounce Flash

    Or instead of paying 20+ bucks
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    Darich.. While what you said is somewhat true microstock sites are not bad for those photos of yours that really are not 'stand alone' or what not. Most companies will go with microstock site for general photos to use. If they are willing to pay a real stock company most likely they will just...
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    Time for print models

    Well I am just starting out with doing portraits and shots of people rather then just nature =p I have a basic lighting setup that I have been using for pics of my friends but I was wondering if folks had any suggestions on how to find new models that do TFP style shots. I would obviously be...
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    Figuring out exactly camera processing for jpg

    Well I have sort of a technical question. I often shoot raw but like the simplicity of shooting jpg. While I do often batch convert photos after taking them I was wondering if anyone knew how I might figure out the 'numbers' or adjustments my camera makes while processing the raws (since...
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    Cataloging your photos

    Well I am trying to go through and catalog all my old photos. The question I have is um.. what the hell do I do?! =p I am one of those types that has some organizational problems since I tend to try and subdivide everything way too much. I am running into the same problem with my photos. Do I...
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    i just want subjects!

    Markc I was always under the impression from what I have read that as long as the piece is being sold as editorial or art even though you are obtaining money you did not need a model release. It was only when the person in the picture was being associated with a product or business. Which...
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    Nikon vs. Canon

    I have no idea about current canons but when I was making the choice back when it was about film I went with nikon because I wanted 2 dial wheels to adjust apature and shutter speed instead of just the 1 found on canon =) So since I had nikon lens I kept with nikon. There are some functions I...
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    Website Opinions

    For me at least after you click enter and go to all I get is the raw source text. Not sure if others are getting this as well but it happened with firefox on a mac.
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    Record Breakers

    Interesting idea... hm... might have to play with this if I can find a good straight road with something interesting =p
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    B&W attempts

    Yes these blow but want to get better so looking for feedback =p Trying to get where I can better pre-visualize B&W photos as well as move away from just nature shots and try other things.. So rip these apart as long as you give some good feedback/suggestions :D
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    Bottoms UP!

    What post processing did you use to get that gentle but good glow?
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    Kebler Pass color

    Very nice.. I wish we got any sort of color in the fall.. hell I would be happy if we even got a fall here.
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    When Nature calls

    Very nice shot! But I am having trouble finding the cemetary in that shot :-P
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    Pics from Hawaii (NOT WORK SAFE AT ALL) **Part 1**

    Basically what others have said.. The biggest thing that jumped out at me was the lighting and shadows. The first two could have used either a very very light fill flash or a reflector to lighten up the shadows on her. Their third one needed a lot of fill flash or additional lighting from...