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    Who watches the OC?

    don't ruin it for us that are overseas! we'll get it in a few at first, i thought this show would be terrible, but its quite addicting. nip tuck starts feb. 8th :)
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    talk about annoying...

    so last spring in my last semester of school i took a photography class, which sparked my whole interest in photography. we developed our own film and what not and i got some great shots. well, i forgot that i had a roll of black and white film that i still needed to develop until just last...
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    From A Window Seat

    you wouldn't happen to know what type of aircraft you were flying on would you? that's an interesting exhaust cone for an engine, haven't seen that type. saw you're from glen allen, were you flying out of richmond?
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    started back up again...

    so i've picked up my camera again and have taken a few pictures...i go through phases. be brutal!
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    question about the forum...

    i feel like an idiot now, just figured it out...before, you just clicked on the IMG button but now you just have to write it in...sorry for wasting a thread
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    question about the forum...

    okay, since the upgrade...big fan of it by the way, i can't post any photos. yes, i did look at how to post attachments, but when i scroll down, i don't see any "browse" buttons. also, under "posting rules" it says that i'm not allowed to post attachments...why is that? i've finally gotten...
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    washington reflection

    your pics make me miss DC! grew up there, but it was time for me to move away from home....many a fun night were spent in that city...adams morgan, g'town...
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    the alps

    anybody have any good suggestions for places to go skiing in the alps? good night life, slopes (we're beginners). also, how do you shoot in the snow? i can't remember what i learned about it when i was in school...
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    what would you do for...

    have you taken him up in the offer? somebody surely by now has gone for steel toe boots or something of the like....who would do that? clearly been watching too much jackass...
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    what would you do for...

    one dollar? one pound? one euro? or whatever one of your currency is...
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    street photography

    Thanks! i think street photography is great, something i'd really like to get into. ferny-we'll have to meet up sometime and go shoot. i'm a beginner though so you can't expect much. are there a lot of places to shoot around here? i just moved here...
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    street photography

    what are some really good websites on street photography? just looking for tips and pictures to see...i just moved to cambridge and there is such a great scene here for everything!
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    What was your undergraduate major?

    welding huh? the one thing i remember from I Love the 80s...great show by the melissa ethridge saying she dated a lot of welders in the 80s.
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    What was your undergraduate major?

    the best major ever and easily the hardest to get a job with...history.
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    snapfish isnt showing images....its annoying b/c i cant post any pics either. i tried one of the other services but it too didn't work. they said its something with the phpp for the forum, whatever that means.