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    Sending T2i to factory...

    She probably moved a bit where the grass did not that's why she looks slightly out of focus... Kids are the hardest to capture... Try taking pictures of objects that don't move and see how your focus is
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    stolen camera, looking for SDcard with 350 images

    Here is a good place to start Stolen Camera Finder - find your photos, find your camera
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    Selling old gear, need opinions.

    Ask 10-20 more than u want and let people talk you down. always give yourself some wiggle room. You may be surprised at what you get for things. A buddy of mine just sold some vid games he put them online for 200 figuring he would be lucky to get 100 for them as that was all they were worth...
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    Sling style straps

    O got the OpTech strap off eBay for $21 and free shipping. Its a nice strap works well.
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    I need help on choosing a bag!

    if at all possible go some ware where you can try a few out. I ended up buying 2 within months of each other as the first one was to small and uncomfortable. If your traveling w would not keep everything n your backpack. Move your wallet and passport to something else you can carry like a small...
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    Help me use my new Canon speedlite 430ex11

    hehe like i said i could be wrong...;)
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    Help me use my new Canon speedlite 430ex11

    I could be wrong on this but im pretty sure the auto mode on the 430 does not work when the flash is being used in a bounce position. Only time it works is when its pointed strait forward i know i read it in the manual some ware. I found the best setting when using mine is i bounce it just...
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    New Technology and Digital SLR's...........

    Hmmm did not know that
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    New Technology and Digital SLR's...........

    nice steal on the camera. I would love to run across some deals like that. I would like to start a collection... As for the monitor well to each their own..hehe
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    Shipping Charges

    finally got ebay to work... forgot to register my prepaid visa. hopefully this time i don't get screwed... last time i got double billed and both ebay and Paypal basically said not their fault.. had to talk to may bank who covered the second charge for me and said they would deal with them...
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    Shipping Charges

    i tried ebay but got some sort of error every time i entered my shipping info so i gave up
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    Shipping Charges

    yep that they would... i just looked at the details for the shipping charges and they charge a $8.00 Security and handling fee. I like dealing with B&H but i think that is a little excessive on a $20 item.
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    Shipping Charges

    B&H was almost $30 for shipping and brokerage fees... last time i ordered from them the fee's seemed quite resonable. i think i payed less than that for my battery grip, battery, and my dome.... much heavier and bigger package..
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    Shipping Charges

    Is it just me or have shipping charges to Canada increased? Im looking for a new shoulder strap like the op/tech or similar. For me to get it across the border im looking at anyware between 30-75. Iv looked at just about every camera store in canada and im still looking at around 20-30 for...
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    hard drive configuration - suggestions?

    Seagate drives come with some software on them. I installed the dashboard and purchased the seagate sync program. Set it up and it will automatically sync whenever you plug in the drive. Only reason i bought teh add on software is im running a few diffrent drives and figured i would give it a...