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    Canon Xti, Timer

    I just picked up an XTi last night and happened to come across this thread. Sure enough, when you've got your camera in 'mirror lockup' the self timer goes to 2 sec. Nice.
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    Capabilities of my camera

    Thank you all for your suggestions. My camera does not priority modes. There's an auto mode, or course, a 'program' mode, and a manual mode. The program mode basically allows for exposure compensation from what it determines your aperture and shutter should be. I actually enjoy using the manual...
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    Capabilities of my camera

    Hello. I'm brand new here and just getting into photography as something I've always wanted to learn but never did. I've picked up 'Understanding Exposure' and I've been snapping photos like crazy every day, trying to learn more and more. My camera is a very basic digital - Canon Powershot...