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  1. sscarmack

    Trade - Brand new Sony 16-35 2.8 for 24-70

    Just bought the 16-35 2.8 thinking it would be exactly what I wanted but I'm more of a 24-70 shooter. Just looking for a straight up trade. Don't want to go through the hassle of returning, refunding, purchasing new. Blah blah blah.
  2. sscarmack

    FS: Nikon 24-70 2.8

    Focus ring has a ding in it, does not affect quality at all. When manually focusing it sticks just a little bit around the 30mm mark, not completely terrible. It sticks, it does not get stuck. Just couldn't justify spending $450 to fix it when I don't feel it's that bad and quality isn't...
  3. sscarmack

    FS - Tamron 150-600 - Nikon

    Come and get it! $650 shipped First version, good working condition.
  4. sscarmack

    Einstein 640 Kit

    If this is not allowed, please remove. Selling my Einstein Kit as I no longer need it. Paul C Buff Einstein E640 Kit Einstein 640 $499.95 Vagabond Mini $239.95 Cyber Commander $179.95 CyberSync Receiver $29.95 Large Octabox w/ Grid $169.95 + $54.95 I also have a white beauty dish w/ sock...
  5. sscarmack

    Stars over Dam

    I've been wanting to take a photo like this for some time now. Usually I do your typical sunset over the dam/lake, however this time. I wanted to wait until the sun was practically gone and I could barely see my camera two feet in front of me. So thats what I did. And this is what I walked away...
  6. sscarmack

    Einstein 640 | Vagabond Mini | Commander | and more...

    Lighting Package Einstein 640 (needs a new modeling bulb, maybe $10?) Retail: $499.95 - Asking: $375 Paul C. Buff - Einstein E640 Vagabond Mini Retail: $239.95 - Asking: $195 Paul C. Buff - Vagabond Mini Lithium Cyber Commander (Right joy stick thingy broke off, still works though. The left...
  7. sscarmack

    27" iMac 5k | 32gb ram | 1tb Fusion

    Thinking about selling my basically new iMac. It pretty much just sits and collects dust. I use my Macbook Pro 99% of the time anyways. This thing is beast and has the best of everything. 27" 5k 4GHz Intel Core i7 32gb memory 1tb Fusion Drive AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048mb Comes with wireless...
  8. sscarmack

    Cutch | PNC | A7Rii | Edgy

    Photo taken with the Sony A7Rii and added my editing twist to it. As you know I like edgy photos and pushing the limits. We had the home plate seats so it was the perfect opportunity to bring a camera along for some up close shots. CC Welcome
  9. sscarmack

    Sunset Darkness

    I haven't been shooting much for myself lately, and just watching the sun set over the Dam is one of my favorite things to do. Finally got back out there, while it was still pretty cold, it was definitely worth it. Here are two photos, taken roughly 20 minutes apart. Editing was done for a...
  10. sscarmack

    FS | Sony A7Rii | 24-70 f4

    Listed on eBay Sony A7Rii w/ 24-70 f4 I am selling the Sony. While its a great camera and it was awesome fiddling around with, its just not my cup of tea. I was going to return to BH but can't for two reasons. One, they want restocking fees and two I dropped the lens and there is a scuff on...
  11. sscarmack

    Soft Touch | Engagement shoot | 810 85 1.4

    A good friend of mine growing up got engaged and I couldn't of been happier to take their photos. Lovely couple. This one stood out to me. Soft gentle touches, you can almost feel the love :)
  12. sscarmack

    Lightroom | Two computers?

    What would be the best solution to running Lightroom on multiple computers? I already keep all my files stored on an external drive which is then duplicated on a RAID drive just in case any crashes. So I have three copies at all time. Now the catalogs and all the lightroom files are stored...
  13. sscarmack

    Husky | Sony A7Sii | Nikon 85 1.4 | SDOF

    As most of you probably know I've been looking for a compact camera that still has great quality. I definitely think Sony is onto something here with this Alpha line. I actually returned the Sii for the Rii, hoping the higher resolution and better focusing drive will seal the deal for me, if...
  14. sscarmack

    New toy | New Adapter | Sony | Nikon | Sokon

    Hey everyone, still shooting. Not really lugging around the 810 anymore unless its for a job, so I decided to look into something a little smaller that can still pack a punch. After some research I stumbled upon the Sony A7Sii. So far it doesn't breathe the same air as the 810, but I'm just...
  15. sscarmack

    Weekend Trip | Cooks Forest | Must see?

    Hey everyone, the girlfriend and I are going up to Cooks Forest for Valentines Weekend and will be spending a long weekend in a Cabin. Has anyone been up there? Good sights? Any must do's? Photo opportunities? If you have any photos to share that would be amazing. Updated with some...
  16. sscarmack

    Still shooting | Few photos | Life update

    Hey guys, I really need to start getting active again on here. Met a lot of great people and would hate to lose touch. Life as we know gets in the way with everything. Holidays and such. And this past month has been a tough one. Started around Thanksgiving, my dishwasher broke, which is okay...
  17. sscarmack

    Compact Video | HD | Need recommendation

    Its not often I seek out for recommendations or even gear help. But I'm in a little pickle and need some advice. I want to start recording some of my work outs, however I don't feel like lugging around my D810 to the gym on my massive tripod. I have a go pro but the quality isn't near what I'm...
  18. sscarmack

    Fitness Portrait | Self Portrait | Hello ladies ;)

    Hey everyone :) Still alive, not really active anymore but I do peak in every so often and look through the photos and such. I am still hitting the gym, everyday actually. 7 days a week and eating like a fool. I'm extremely active on Instagram if you'd like to keep up with me. Photography...
  19. sscarmack

    FS - Tamron 150-600 Nikon

    $850 shipped ($1,069 new, save $219!!!!!) New Price - $800 New New Price - $750 100% working condition No fungus or any other weird stuff haha Selling to help fund a 300 2.8 and I really didn't use it as much as I thought I would. More info on the lens. Tamron SP 150-600mm f 5-6.3 Di...
  20. sscarmack

    Westend Overlook | Pittsburgh | Fireworks

    A buddy and I decided to pack up and head to Pittsburgh for some Fireworks. A little disappointed with this years show but I got a couple keepers. Enjoy Nikon D810 24-70 2.8 @ 70mm 8.3 seconds (Bulb mode) f/8 iso64