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  1. razashaikh

    Smooth Seas

    Fabulous shot! Looking so beautiful. Just want to be there.
  2. razashaikh

    "Remember The POW-MIA's.."

    Nice one! The texture applied at the bottom part is quite interesting!
  3. razashaikh

    Suwannee trip

    Great set of images. In the first image, the scenario is beautiful!
  4. razashaikh

    Palm Fronds

    WoW! It's amazing. I loved the texture applied.
  5. razashaikh

    Looking Away from Mont-Saint-Michel

    Lovely Captured! I wish I could be there!
  6. razashaikh


    Nice Photography! Well, great texture and exposure applied!
  7. razashaikh

    Into The Spiral

    Nice closeup! Great Job Man!
  8. razashaikh

    Praying for Inspiration

    Loved the color composition. The top view is quite more interesting. The Black and white effect is evergreen.
  9. razashaikh


    Such a lovely pic it is! So cute girl. Her chicks are so soft. Loved it. :)
  10. razashaikh

    Moon lit clouds.

    Yaa, you told it right. The shot is amazing. Whole Black sky with the moon!
  11. razashaikh

    Guarding the Giant Inflatable Buddha

    Nice Monochrome! Nice to see this Museum Art. :1219:
  12. razashaikh

    A Little Face Time

    Such a cute photo. She has a cute expression. #1 is so cute. Loved it. :)
  13. razashaikh

    "A Grand Estate..."

    Good One! The dark shadow appearing is enhancing one.
  14. razashaikh

    Appalachian Trail

    Ya, it's nice shot. Though it's an old one, but recalls as new one. Great collection you had.
  15. razashaikh

    Eagles are back!

    Excellent shot. #2 one where the eagle is spreading its feathers is a superb click.
  16. razashaikh

    Bearded dragon lady

    Good shot Man! It's a soft focus and speaks a lot.
  17. razashaikh

    Man on a Hot Tin Roof (Revision at end of Post)

    Hard working shot! Really an inspiring one for me. Great One. Good Job Man!
  18. razashaikh

    Waiting for a Proper Suitor b/w

    WoW! What a beautiful capture you have! Just loved it. The bird is very beautiful. Black & White filter you had applied mase it more beautiful.
  19. razashaikh

    Miss K profile portrait

    It's a dark capture. Speaks so many things from this shot.
  20. razashaikh

    A few from frigid Canada

    Great collections of images. You had captured all the photos very precisely. A man standing between the lake is just an amazing shot.