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    Sony a6000 with 16-50mm Brand New

    Brand new Sony a6000 with 16-50 kit lens. This camera is brand new, just taken out of the box for photos, I've never even turned it on. $450 - free shipping to the US PP gift or +3%
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    FS: 2017 MacBook Pro 15" Radeon 560

    I have a brand new 2017 Macbook Pro for sale. It was given to me as a gift and I want to get a 13" instead. Specs are as follows: - 15" Retina Display - 2.9GHz core i7 - 16gb LPDDR3 SDRAM - 512gb SSD - Radeon Pro 560 w/4gb GDDR5 memory - AppleCare plus good until 1/29/2021 I will provide the...
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    Circuit city 60% off lenses

    None of the ones in the orlando area have anything canon or nikon left, one of them had a used sony body, and a couple of olympus lenses, that's it...
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    FS/FT: Canon 28-135 IS USM and other items

    I have a mint canon 28-135 IS that I don't really use the longer end of, so I'm looking to trade for a 17-40L. I don't have a whole lot of cash at the moment, but I do have these items that I will throw in for a trade: 2x1GB DDR2 667 PC2-5300s laptop memory: Samsung 160GB 7,200rpm, 16mb cache...
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    FS: Like new Canon 40D kit

    check your spam folder maybe? just sent another email coming from sean(dot)kanhai(at)gmail(dot)com
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    FS: Like new Canon 40D kit

    email sent
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    Canon XT kit, 50 1.8, 430ex

    50mm is sold, prices updated.
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    Canon XT kit, 50 1.8, 430ex

    I have a like new Rebel XT for sale. It is in great condition, no damage to the body or any of the lenses. I am forced to sell because I have lost my job and need the money, so please no lowballers... The body has about 5k actuations, I bought it in December. Everything is in excellent working...
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    Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L USM
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    Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L USM

    Thats a good price!
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    Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L USM

    Not to burst your bubble, but these sell brand new for less than $600...
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    Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L USM

    $700? Is this the IS version?
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    WTB: 430ex

    I'm looking for a good deal on a 430ex. If you have one that you are willing to let go for around $200, let me know!
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    Used Gear

    Fred mirands looks cool, but I can't register because I don't have a "non-free" e-mail address. The site requires like a work based or school based e-mail address to register, so no yahoo, hotmail, gmail or any of that... :( The second site is pretty awesome, they have TONS of gear for sale...
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    Used Gear

    What's the best placed for used gear? Other than craigslist and ebay, and the used stuff they sometimes have at B&H and adorama. Is there some kind of site specifically for trying to sell or trade used photo gear?
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    I would assume that they are the same thing. USM = Ultra-sonic motor HSM = Hyper-sonic motor - This lens uses a motor driven by ultrasonic waves to provide a quiet, highspeed AF.
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    My Marine

    Dead lifting 325lbs is no easy task! If I could do that I'd feel like the hulk too!! Semper Fi!
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    C&C wanted on the following...

    I like these a lot, except for the last one, the noise, and the weird shadowing on her neck area doesn't look good to me.
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    first few investments..

    Yea, since I got that lens, it's only been off my camera for a bout 2 shots when I needed a wide angle shot of my house. It's been about 3 months since I got it.
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    430ex vs 580ex

    Thanks for the fast responses guys! I'll be picking up the 430 soon!