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    18-250 Tamron instead of 18-200VR Nikkor?

    I'm looking for a travel lens, multi purpose, light, good optics (not expecting great) and has powerful zoom. I narrowed my option to those two. I think the Nikkor has better Image Quality, but how much better from the Tamron? I don't know. Since I'm not seeing the 18-200VR Nikkor as a...
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    Do you still bring your camera to Amusement Park?

    I don't know if this also confusing you, but I do... I will always grab my camera bag with me if I go for sightseeing, traveling or hiking, without any doubt, I know my purpose. But, when I'm planning to go to any Amusement Park (like Disneyland, etc) where getting involve in the game is also...
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    Lightroom 1.1?

    Has anyone already using Lightroom 1.1 version? I've heard it has many improvements from the previous, I'm using the 1.0 version right now, I'm kind of wondering what makes the difference and if it's worth of upgrading. Thanks guys...
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    Have you ever stop shooting? (beware of the long post)

    I did... and I want to share my experience with you guys. I was a new high school student, I was excited to learn photography then I joined the photography club at my school. My brother gave me his F3 and a lens (nikkor 35-105 f/3.5), that's my first SLR. It was the film era. I think I was...