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    Canon 50D and 18-200mm IS lens kit

    If you're thinking of purchasing the Canon 50D with 18-200mm kit lens. I know, it's a kit lens. But this is going to be my walkaround lens. Anyway, Amazon has the best price deal right now. I could not pass the deal they have. I got the kit for $1,410 including free shipping. You have to add...
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    Ebay Flash Trigger

    Just purchased a 4 channel ebay flash trigger from someone in hong kong through ebay. Purchased this trigger to play around with while I save for a Pocket Wizard. Anyway, I don't know if it just me but I can't get this damn thing to work. Change the battery, made sure the battery contact point...
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    Bogen Tripod/Head setup

    Thinking of getting this set. I know the tripod is good but I can't seem to find anyone using the 488rc4. You guys think this will be a good setup? I know there are other that are way better but my budget is under $300. Bogen 055XPROB...
  4. J

    FS: Canon 24-70 2.8L LNIB

    I purchased this lens a few months back from B&H and have been contemplating whether to sell it since the pictures i take with it is really nice. I would l really like to keep it but can't afford it since I need to fund another lens. I am selling this to fund a Canon 17-55 2.8 IS. I need...
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    Pocket Wizard

    I'm about to purchase a few Pocket Wizard Plus II. I'm goint to be using it with a 580EX II and SB-28. Do I need to purchase anything else to make it work, like cable, etc? I'm mostly going to use PW with the SB-28. TIA, JR
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    AE lock on Canon 40D

    When in manual setting, somehow the AE lock button doens't work. It works on all creative shot settings but not manual and it works using FEC. I don't have a second camera, since I've sold it, but I vaguely remember that it worked on my Rebel in manual setting. I haven't had a chance to go the...
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    Hello, found this site a few weeks ago cause I wanted to know more about photography. Currently I'm a videographer and I been doing it for the last 14 years. I now just shoot for other videographer doing mostly wedding events. Mind you though, that I have always love photography ever since I...
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    buying used lens at B&H

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. I'm thinking of buying a Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS at B&H. I notice that they have several used ones. Two of them are condition 9+ but they differ in price by $30. The other one is B stock. Are these returns or are they the demo's. Has anyone...