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    Minolta XE-7 Film Advance Lever Problems

    My husband and I have been lucky enough to pick up some family cameras. I'm borrowing a Canon FTb from my mom (originally my grandpa) and my husband has a Minolta XE-7 from his dad. We've had to put off our excitement while my camera gets a little loving. The Canon needed to be fully re-foamed...
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    Dabbling in Fashion and Portraiture Photography (C&C Appreciated!)

    As for the lighting, I did mess with it quite a bit. Would you say I needed to keep things lighter than what I have? I can go through really quick and try something different to compare.
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    Dabbling in Fashion and Portraiture Photography (C&C Appreciated!)

    :lol: I had a hard enough time choosing just a couple of each person. But, noted! I'll remember that for next time. I can see the point on the open door. I would have much preferred facing the other direction from the fountain as the background would have been very simple and off in the...
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    Model Shot???

    Well, the lighting really has more to do with what you use when the picture was taken and not really much to do with the post processing put towards an image. Sure, you mess with light levels, but it's not especially the same. Ideally, a good photographer won't really need to rely on photoshop...
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    Dabbling in Fashion and Portraiture Photography (C&C Appreciated!)

    These are from two different occasions, but I would really appreciate some comments on what I can work on. The people who had requested the photos were very excited with the end product and I was happy as well. Although, now a couple days have gone by and I feel like I could have stepped it up...
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    Model Shot???

    I believe by "set-up" you're being asked how you had arranged the lights in your home to get this shot. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the vignette being obvious. For myself, if I have an image where someone can tell I added the vignette, I went too far. But, that can be personal taste as...
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    New one folks C&C appreciated :D

    My eyes are drawn immediately to the background, where all of the light is. The leaf you're focused on is awful dark.
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    Not quite a flower C&C

    Personally, I think it's lovely. I'm on the computers at work that are not calibrated. But, I can't imagine there could be too much wrong. Lovely depth of Field, by the way.
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    How do you get this!?

    Honestly, what I would do just to achieve those colors is go into Image>Adjustments>Color Balance. On the "shadows" and "midtones" tab, move the slider towards the blue and cyan. For the "highlights" tab, move the sliders towards yellow and red. Just keep playing around until you have what...
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    It can not be that complicated.

    I DIDN'T read through the whole thread. My knowledge of the situation is really only based on the most recent image posted of his work showing the roackabilly style girl. But, looking at that before and after. I can guess at some of the techniques. If I wanted to achieve the same look, here's...
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    new member looking for critique

    Personal favorites are 3, 4 and 8! 1- This one is alright. While the subject matter does stand out clearly, it is not particularly interesting in itself or in context. Perhaps getting in closer and looking for a new composition could bring out a whole new piece. 2- Much better! Strong...
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    It seems like you were going for a more abstract approach here. But, I don't think it quite works. There are times when you can break rules to further enhance your work. But, you need to know when and where. In this case, I think the judgement was a bit off. The photo looks more like a mistake...
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    Wonderful composition!
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    Where did you spend new years? I spent it in 3 insane asylums!

    Wonderful! Abandoned mental institutions are quite an experience, aren't they? I was lucky enough to visit Camarillo State out here a couple times before they tore it down for the new school. I only wish I could find more.
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    New shots - small town way out west - Marmarth, ND

    Great shots! But just a small warning... If you are going to be shooting in older buildings like that, make sure you protect yourself. I would bet that most of that pealing paint is lead paint. When the paint peels like that, it causes lead dust which sits in the area, ready to be breathed in...
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    Cell Phones

    I used to love my cell when I was with my ex and he lived out of state. Nowadays I would rather leave it behind. In fact I did once. I lost it for about 4 months and never really needed it. But starting next week it is going to be a job requirement that I have mine with me all the...
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    Potrait in the fog

    Yes. I hadn't really intended the fog to make an appearance here. I wanted full focus on the two of us. My skin does look pretty bad.:lol: I had thought about taking the healing brush to it. But, I liked it as-is. Which is really the main reason I posted here instead of the general gallery. I...
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    Potrait in the fog

    My fiance and I went out playing in the fog (we don't get it often around here) and I captured this one: The grain and poor exposure is mostly due to my lack of caring about shutter speed and iso (or apeture for that matter.) I was just clicking away. I liked it a lot though so I bumped up...
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    What does HDR stand for

    This forum is better than some for looking up answers. I am a member of another forum that has a currency system used for entering contests. The problem is that on the forum, if you want to search for a previously used topic, it costs you some of those credits. 5 forum searches could out you...
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    Film for a baby brownie

    Thanks, that would make life even easier. :thumbup: I think next time I will confirm that there is available film for a camera before I start bidding on it.