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    tight highlights

    any recommendation on the hardware to use to get such tight highlights? Print Friendly Page here too: the model in the pink. i try using my alien bees, but it fills everything up. what's the technique...
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    i have been in search of finding some speedlights that would be light and portable and powerful enough to get good shots in but the problem that i am running into with my alienbees is that my camera is faster than the lights themselves and there is some problem with that. what happens is that...
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    product photography

    so i decided to take a hiatus from shooting models and decided to focus my time more on product photography. has anyone done this before? how is the job market and what lights should i purchase that would be excellent in this regard? i am looking to take some photographs that are also tricky in...
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    this technique

    how was this photo done, is there a tutorial on it? the individual only specified the following: "The way I do it is to make 2 Curves lifting the brightness and the other darkening the image. I then mask them both and paint back in the shadows in the picture on the dark curve...
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    lighting concern

    I am not sure if I can post the pictures here cause they are 18+ but what occurs that is problematic in my photos is that when i try to create "highlights" in my photos the strobes I use create a very large highlight and essentially light very well one side of the body and create a bit shadow on...
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    beauty dish

    ok so ritz doesn't carry any beauty dishes or flashes so i need to know with work lights that i have from home depot is it possible to mimic the beauty dish?
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    you a website sucks when

    i have to rant, i don't think this is against the rules but i just want to rant. you know a website sucks when your account gets closed cause you rejected shooting with a model and she decided to report you for "harassing" her even if the conversation literally happened liked this: model: hi I...
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    i love this community

    i absolutely love this community! not saying this as a suck up or whatever but i do. it is an actual friendly and informative community for photographers, i have been on a lot of different ones and i have to say this is the best one. man i am thankful for this community after seeing what hell...
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    can anyone recommend a good tutorial or so to read on how to properly take photographs that are "playboy style" with the highlights and all? what issue I am running into is that the rooms I shoot in have a lot of natural light from the windows which overfill the room not allowing me to do the...
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    lighting technique

    i know this might be a stupid question but i wanted to know how this lighting technique was performed. namely how were the "hot spots" on the people created, the hot spots are circled in red. how can i create those hot spots and yet keep a well light room? i got two B800 alien bees with one...
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    skin smoothing

    can anyone give the best skin smoothing tutorial they use? one that would reveal some of the goose bumps on a model?
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    how was this done?

    hello, can someone please tell me how this photo was done: Where Professional Models Meet Model Photographers - ModelMayhem someone please tell me what photo technique was used.
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    Promo's and Runway Shoots

    Hello, How can I find some companies that engage in promo shoots or runway work? I tried google but I get a lot of weird stuff.
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    has anyone dealt with

    has anyone dealt with a model who was about to get married and wanted you to pay her for shooting her at the wedding ceremony? you being the wedding photographer and her getting pictures? am i the only one?
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    has anyone met?

    has anyone met a model who wanted only paid work but all of her casting calls where tfcd? and when you turned her down for that specific reason she goes on insulting you, calling you stupid and unprofessional?
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    Mother Murdered Toddler

    I apologies I had a properly rotated image but cannot find it atm. What you all think?
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    Tell me what you think:
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    Skin Retouching

    What's a good plugin for Photoshop to do skin retouching? A stand alone program is fine too.
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    what plugins do you use?

    yes what plugins do you use?
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    Glowing Light Bulbs

    I want to do a photo shoot with several CFL light bulbs (different colors) which would be laying on the floor but I want to know how I can make them glow without having to screw them in? I seen sometime like this in other photos but how do they do it?