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    Most expensive photographer

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    Award Winning Phtography

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    Guys N Gals a Must See Photo......

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    reluctant pronographer...

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    Steeve Creers award winning picture
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    whats ur opinion abt which one is good... digital photography or simple photography...what the difference in their outputs...
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    camera angles

    i want to know about the camera angles that we have to keep before doing a photo shoot.what all r the camera angles that we have to make for indoor shoot and outdoor?
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    i got to know that lens of d100 is not good and gets blurred when focussed.whats ur opinion?plz awiting ur suggestions:grumpy:
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    hey people plz let me know that nikon d100 is good choice to take...i am just looking for a good camera...
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    Portfolio of a female model...
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    Indias Famous Photoraphers..... Top 5 advertising photographers of Kerala -- Anil sir,Swaminatan , Rajan Paul,Reji Bhaskar ,Taha,Nandakumar
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    Rare Picture...Image Beyond Illusion within every dream lies the power to make it come true. who said dreams mermaids can only swim? look closer ! they can also...