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    Advice from a professional

    Ok, so you take great pictures. Stop listening to peers. 80% don't know sh!t around here. 10% do and don't help because they don't need the competition and the other 10% are busy working and feel like your work is fine anyway. Get away from listening to people unless you truly admire their...
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    Flash Battery Pack

    So I'm finding that my rechargeable batteries are causing me to lose some great moments from changing to often. Any advice on getting a battery pack that's affordable, lightweight and just lasts longer than the average 4x AA battery? Also, can the flash have 4xAA batteries in it and still use...
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    It's been a while - Beauty Shot

    So I'm interested to see what people think of my most cherished lighting discovery of recent years. This was a shot I took during a creative submission for publication.
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    This is not an advertisement

    More of a suggestion. If you're a photographer. And you need a website. You should use squarespace. Discuss.
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    I'm BACK!

    Miss me? Anyone still posting that even remembers my pompous ass? If not, disregard and nice to meet you all. I'm not so pompous in my old age. And I'm a real photographer now!
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    Online Printing Solutions.

    First of all, how the hell is everyone!? Been a while since i poked my head up in here. Hope everyone is dandy! Had a question. A while ago someone gave me a link for a printing company that allowed photographers to upload their pics and then send customers to the site to pick and buy their...
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    my first music video

    video made with canon T1i audio captured with Zoom H4n first attempt at making anything this way and gotta say, i'm loving filming way more than photography. let me know what you think....
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    Tell me I'm not going crazy please...

    So i did some maternity pics for a friend. She swears they're too dark and she can't see anything in them.... This is the version of the one i sent her.... This is the one she brightened herself because she can't see anything in the first one.... I think she can't see it because of her...
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    Kate - Promo

    Feedback welcome...
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    Finally got one of my hot friends to come over and let me practice. Any feedback welcome. Didn't go too creative with theme or anything. Just getting a feel for some dramatic lighting with the Alien Bee's. Thanks for looking!
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    ugly mother f&@$er...

    Got a new backdrop stand today and felt inclined to play with the lights again so I had some ideas for a shoot tomorrow.
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    Tricky @ Mod Club Toronto

    Check out the rest of the pics here - Tricky @ Mod Club *PHOTOGRAPHY* | baceblog
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    Pro Photogs..WHAT DO YOU USE???

    iPhone or Blackberry. if you could explain why as well that would be cool. and what I mean by pro, is someone who is paying their bills with their photography work.
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    10,000 pics in 2.5 months

    Yeah, I think I'm a photographer. New camera just rolled over to 0000 on the image counter.
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    The Ting Tings @ Mod Club Toronto

    Really proud of a few of these pictures and just wanted to share. The rest of them can be found here... The Ting Tings!!! | baceblog Enjoy, thanks for looking.
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    Junior Boys @ Mod Club Toronto

    The rest of them can be found here.... Junior Boys @ Mod Club *Pictures* | baceblog
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    photoshop/monitor question *PLEASE HELP!!!*

    so i just got a new monitor. it's awesome. only thing is that I noticed this weird pixelation going on. i did a print screen and croped it where it's doing it. i guess this means it's actually a software out put issue so is there some sort of setting that would stop these little squares of...
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    I can finally see this forum!!!

    My new monitor FINALLY ****ing arrived. 23" of glorious forum HD!!! BOYAAAAA!!! No more of that pesky forum resizing that goes on and cuts off pictures. Not to mention that I can actually see my pictures when I'm editing them now. Wow...can't believe I've gone this long without a...
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    The Dress Whites...

    Nifty 50 is my one true love... Special Guest Band: The Dress Whites
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    Shoot For a Friend

    So this is one of the first shoots I did with new strobes. C&C welcome. p.s. (I had no control over clothing make-up and hair which sucked because this was not the look i had in mind for her) Also my ps'ing was a bit different in each pic.