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    Wide aperture portrait

    i wouldnt say it's unconventional, yeah a client at a portraiture studio wouldnt ask for it but something of a similar style could fit into a documentory or editorial piece. I think you should work on your composition and the picture could use some eye contact and also some more detail in the...
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    Amateur and overwhelmed.

    Get learning is all i can say. Read books and magazines till theyre coming out of your ears and study other photographers work.
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    would someone take a minute to help me out?

    Just make sure what ever you put in your portfolio relates to the businesses you are aiming at. Only put in your best shots, be very very selective and get them printed and presented really well. Maybe bring along some small business cards with an email and/or a website address.
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    re-usable chemicals

    well i have ID11 powder film dev, which i have to mix up as a one litre batch, so do you mean once ive mixed it up i can only use it once? or can i keep the mixed up stuff in an airtight bottle? By diluting it do you just mean diluting it further than it says on the packet? or will i have to...
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    patterned backdrops

    an idea of mine was getting a big sheet of plywood and putting wallpaper on it.. probly best way of doing it seeing as wallpaper come in sheets bout a foot wide, if you can decorate then it aint too hard, or if like me, you cant, be prepared to get really angry!
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    Few from a sunrise meetup

    i like the second!! maybe a lil bit of cropping wouldnt go a miss. The photographer looks really cool, id like to see him play more of a major part in the frame.
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    Second shoot, what do you think?

    theyre a lil unoriginal, i realy hate marbled backgrounds, reminds me of school pictures. The composition bored me a lil too, id prefer some more interesting angles and a lil more character to the images. They seem a bit too straight forward for me... sorry to be harsh, just my opinion.
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    Shield Bug

    nice pic, the flash is a lil harsh though.
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    re-usable chemicals

    Right, ive got nearly everything i need for my darkroom, just need some black out material, tongs, measuring cylinders and of course a few more rolls to process then im all set. One thing i have been wondering is which chemicals are reusable? I have paper dev, film dev, stop and fixer. Which of...
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    A tasteful Lingerie Shoot.........!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel the pics need more passion. She doesnt look interested, maybe she just isnt amazingly photogenic. Try directing her more, think about different positions with her head, its the same in every picture. Maybe biting her lip, or a kinky little look from the side... i did a similar shoot with...
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    Sigma 70-200mm f2.8, any used??!!

    I was gonna get a canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS but my cash won't permit, plus its a lot to spend if it did. I then looked at the 70-200mm f2.8 L (non stabalised) and almost bought one but i have been looking at the sigma version. It would be lovely to have a big white beast on the front of my camera...
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    Why do you have a Battery Grip?

    Im off backpacking through thailand, im gonna need a lot of power over several days at a time and the less the insides of my camera are exposedthe less crap will get in them. Also looks mint!! :P
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    Bronica ETRS mirror

    hah! snap, the camera took me a couple of hours to get my head around, im starting to love it though!! Not the most ergonomic piece of kit though...
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    Looking for a BETTER camera

    Ive got an EOS 3 and its a great piece of kit and i got it really cheap in almost mint condition (around £120 i think its about £250 dollars but not sure) the eye calibrated focus is really cool, i wish my 30D had it!!
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    Bronica ETRS

    I can imagine lol! I asked the guy in the camera shop if this would work (i assumed it would) and he said it would with the film camera but not the 30D, something due to film ISOs being different (he said some digital cams you can set to ASA iso, dont have a clue what this means) I hate film...
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    Bronica ETRS

    Just got myself a bronica ETRS, i just have a couple of questions of metering the pics. I dont have an ambient light meter as of yet, just wondering if i can use my 30D or my EOS 3 to meter the light until i buy this, will these meter correctly fpr that camera? or will i have problems?
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    Darkroom noob

    Yeah, theres a place that do a course on a saturday so i reckon ill go on that. I need to know how to develop 120 film now as well as 35mm coz i have a terrible habit of impulse buying and i just got a bronica ETRS from ebay!
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    Darkroom noob

    Just got myself a full darkroom setup off of ebay BUT i have a problem. Never developed film in my life! Just wondering of any really good books or decent websites that will show me everything i need to get started. Ive been having a look at some stuff but tbh coming from digital its like a...