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    pop up flash

    i have been hearing that most photographers seldom uses the flash... in the program mode of my camera the built in flash almost always pops up even on daylight. i will try to use manual mode now... so please help me, when do i decide to use the flash? do i have to use it on long exposures...
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    its only 3 weeks since i bought my Nikon F65 , lately i am thinking of going you think its a good early idea since i havent mastered my slr yet? maybe my very reason is the instant viewing of my shots...any suggestion what digital camera should i consider buying, thanks.
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    hi im ed,a filipino working in bahrain,i visit this forum 3x times a day :wink: I am a radiographer, i bought Nikon F65 on sale with free 28-80mm and 70-300mm AF lens, im new in photography, i was thinking its the same as producing good xrays, i was wrong, im going nuts over shutter speed and...