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    B&W in fog

    shot this fog pic early morning about 9:15am. Nikon D3400 at f13, 1/400 ISO 100. I tried to soften the grain in the pic in Photoshop Camera Raw. I have had a good response from people about the print I made from this pic.
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    Restaurant at Night

    This was the parking lot of a restaurant along the Mississippi River in Iowa. I had trouble with focus in night shots
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    Totally messed up but nice results

    I took this shot of Sandhill Cranes and did something out of character for me. I did not pay attention to some of the settings on the camera. I was shooting in low light the evening before and set the ISO to 400 and did not change it. this pic was shot about 9:30am bright morning with a Nikon...
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    digitizing negatives

    Does anyone here use a DSLR to digitize old negatives or slides. I recently purchased a Wolverine slide and film scanner. It is okay for preserving old film but when I load the pic in Photoshop the pics are large in size but only 72ppi. I am on a very strict budget and cannot afford a macro lens...
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    Ice on Tree

    Shot this shot of ice on tree limb, kind of backlit. Shot with Nikon d3400 f6 1/400 with 70-300 kit lens.
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    Big Sun sunsets

    I recently took a stab at shooting a big sun photo. I used the PhotoPills app on my iPhone get the shot I wanted. I shot with a Nikon d3400 but being on a very strict budget I had a cheap 500mm Vivatar lens. This pic was shot at f11 1/400sec no filters. Post processed in Photoshop
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    Early morning shooting

    I take a number of early morning shots. I think this is one of my best. shot with Nikon D3400, 35mm Nikkor lens at f2 and 20 sec exposure. Did some post processing in Lightroom on an iPad
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    This was only my second try at shooting the Milky Way. The area I shot in was very light polluted but I managed to post process in Photoshop and Lightroom This shot was a jpeg that I processed on my iPad with Lightroom. Shot with a Nikon D3400, 18-50mm kit lens at 18mm. f3.5 ISO 1600 for 20sec...
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    The ISO argument

    I have followed this argument elsewhere so I decided to share my thoughts. One of the arguments is that ISO has nothing to do with exposure! For the sake of the argument do this test, if you have camera like a DSLR or any digital camera that can be set manually do this. Set the camera up on a...
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    River scenes

    Love shooting scenes of our riverfront on the Mississippi river in Clinton, Iowa. Been doing black & white lately. The pics were shot on different days, one was a very overcast day. Another shot of backwater. I thought the patterns were interesting. Used an exposure of 30sec at f22 ISO of 100
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    Ice and Trees

    This was a shot after a recent ice storm here in Iowa. Nikon D3400 35mm prime lens f2.8 1/3200 ISO 100
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    My digital Black&White

    Just some of my B&W shots that were full color and post processed in Photoshop CC Nikon D3400 155mm f6.3 ISO 200 1/1250 sec
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    Mississippi River shots

    Pic of island in Mississippi River, Iowa. Six second exposure