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    FS: Nikon Mount Lenses

    Hey everybody, I'm selling this stuff because I just don't use it as much as I would like, and I'm trying to reduce my kit. Anyways, up for sale is: Nikkor AF-D 50mm f/1.8---this lens is in like-new condition. I bought it about a year ago and have only used it a couple of times with my...
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    Nikon AF-D 60mm f/2.8 FS/T

    Hello everyone, Up for sale or trade is my like new Nikon 60mm AF-D f/2.8. It is in like-new condition, no scratches, dings, marks of any kind. There is also no dust/fungus on/in the glass. If you wish to see pictures of the lens, please e-mail me at:, and I'd be...
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    WTS/WTT Sigma 105 Macro for Nikon

    Hello everyone, Up for sale (or trade) is my Sigma 105 f/2.8 Macro lens for Nikon Mount. It is in great condition, no scratches, dust, fungus, dings, absolutely nothing... I'd say that it would be in mint condition. Price---$400 OBO I'm also open to trades... like a wide-angle, possibly...
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    Nikon D50 kit, and more

    Hello everyone, Up for sale is a Nikon D50. It is in near perfect condition. I can't see any wear marks, scratches, dirt, etc... It will come with a Nikkor 18-55, and a lowe-pro bag (not sure which one, I'll look it up)... D50+18-55+Bag and other extras I find, all for $350, shipped...
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    WTB Macro lens for nikon mount

    Hello everyone, Does anybody have a good macro lens that I could buy for Nikon Mount? I'm willing to pay $400 or under. Also, seller must be willing to ship to Canada, as I live near Victoria, Vancouver Island. Cheers!
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    Backpacking: Garibaldi Provincial Park, B.C.

    Hello everyone, I just got back from a magnificent trip through Garibaldi Provincial Park, B.C. The area is just stunning, and I wanted to show you all with some pictures... I brought along my D50, and the standard 18-55 kit lens. I'll start off with some macros... 1. Purple Mountain...
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    First Shots with D50, C&C Welcome!

    Hello everyone, I purchased a D50 about a week ago, and wanted to get some critiques on my first shots... Here they are: 1. Sunset off Vancouver Island 2. Playing with macro... 3. Piano Keys-I wanted to have fun with depth of field. Thats all for now! Cheers...
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    WTB D80

    Hello, I am in the market for a used D80 with a lens of some sort. I am located near Vancouver, so it would be nice if the seller was close by, or willing to ship across the border to Canada. Cheers! Eric D.
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    Xti, D40, or D80?

    Hello all, After months of searching I am still confused over what DSLR to get as my first one. It is pretty much a toss-up between the Canon XTi, Nikon D40, and D80. I'll start by saying what I like about each camera and don't like. D40: Small, Cheap, a fair choice for an enthusiast like...
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    Beautiful British Columbia

    Posted: Sat May 24, 2008 2:04 am Post subject: Beautiful British Columbia Hello everyone! I just came back from a kayak trip in Strathcona provincial park, Vancouver Island. The area is stunning, I wish my photographic abilities were better so that I could show you all... Here...
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    Hello, This thread might be in the wrong place... To the point. Many of us (I think) are expecting a new Nikon DSLR to match the XSi... Supposedly the "D90". What I want to know is what you want feature wise and setting wise to be on this camera. Also, an estimated release date would be...
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    How limiting really is the D40?

    Hello, So, I'm still undecided on what DSLR to purchase... Its between the Nikon D40, the Canon XTi, and the Nikon D80. What I really want to know is how limiting is the D40 really? 1.I know it doesn't have an in body auto focus motor, but is that really a problem? I know alot of...
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    My Earth Day Contributions

    Hello, I went out and took a few pictures today, these are the best ones that I took. both taken with my Sony Cybershot (I will be getting a DSLR soon) C & C welcome! Big Maple Tree I tried to use...
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    Canon Vs. Nikon?

    I just had to ask this, in terms of build quality, lens compatibility, lenses, and cameras, which company is more "popular" per say... I know this is an open ended question, but I am just curious to know what opinions users have. Before buying my first DSLR, I need to decide between the Canon...
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    WTB D50, D70, or D80

    Hello, I am looking for a used D50, D70, or D80, preferably a D80. Thanks.
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    STILL undecided...

    Hello, I am still undecided on what DSLR to buy so that I can hopefully improve my photography as a hobby. The Cameras that I am looking at are the Nikon D40, D80, and the Canon XTi, and XSi. I don't really know where to start, so I made a little questionnaire to help. 1. What is your budget...
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    WTB Nikon SLR

    Hello, I am in the market for a used (or new) D40, D40x, or D80. I would prefer if the camera came with a lens (or lenses), and with some essential accessories such as memory cards, bag, tripod, etc. Thanks!
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    D40? Or...

    Hello, So its been a good year or so that I have been interested in getting more into digital photography. Up to now, I have been doing photography mostly as a hobby, and want to continue it as a hobby, but at a higher level. Currently, I use a 7.2mp Point and shoot. It has been a good camera...
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    Thoughts on D60 and D40x?

    Hello, I am looking for a good DSLR so that I can (hopefully) improve my photography, and have more fun with it. I came across the D40 some time back, but after reading posts here, it doesn't seem like the best choice due to it being pretty limited, or so I have heard. Then, theres the D40x...
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    Which SLR?

    Hello, So its been a few months now that I have been interested in purchasing an SLR. I have researched somewhat, but still haven't decided which camera in the end to go with. One of the models that I have been looking into is the Nikon D40, but after reading some posts here and there, it...