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    Having fun with the girlfriend

    You really don't know what flat lighting is do you? The first shot is far from flat. It needs the light to be a little higher and some more fill but flat it is not!
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    fall engagment (sorta pic heavy)

    Very nice, love the comp and PP
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    Model shoot, bokeh to the extreme...

    Great shot! Nice job on the selective focus but there's no bokeh.
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    Some self portraits. be a unicorn!
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    Messing around in photoshop

    Nice start. Soften the straight edge along his back. Move them up just a tad in the frame. Use a consistant opacity for the font and change fonts to something more romantic/personal. Reduce the images opacity to about half of what you have here and then play to see what you like...
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    Cute shot. Watch your highlights though, they're burned out on her back. I cropped it and got rid of her racoon eyes.
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    In need of some disection here...

    It's a digital mat and some texture underneath it from Design House.
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    In need of some disection here...

    Made it kinda' grungy and over sharpened it, opened up the right side of their faces. (our left)
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    Gorgeous Light

    IMO that slight crop would improve this already beautiful shot. You're right the light is amazing. Good job on the eyes as well. Nice work.
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    If one photo could describe how I feel right now.... (self port)

    That sucks!! Hope you feel better soon!!
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    Lovely red Scottish "lassie" (1st post)

    Great shot, I agree that the light post adds balance.
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    Playing around Self Port *NSFW*

    I like the first. IMO the whites of your eyes are a little overdone. The second maybe better with a little reduction in opacity of the texture layer.
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    Photo of my daughter...

    Place the light at approx. 45 degrees to her and bring in a reflector. Look at how the light looks for both light and reflector and practice, practice, practice! Meter your lights or if you don't have a meter then chimp and check your histogram.
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    Introducing my Grandaughter

    I agree. It may be a bothersome in a print if enlarged. I will edit that portion. Thanks.
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    Introducing my Grandaughter

    Thanks everyone, your comments are very much appreciated. It's all about the eyes NJ. Thanks pal!! There is a backdrop. My wife and daughter in law are holding up a banket to block the kitchen stove. LOL
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    Garden Setting Engagement Session

    I feel in the first two shots they are competing with the blossoms. But the last two rock!! Nice work.
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    Introducing my Grandaughter

    I haven't been around on the forum much lately but couldn't resist dropping in to show off my first Grandchild. She's almost three months old. Taken at a patio door with a reflector to camera right.
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    Drowning *NWS*

    I like the PP on the second one of the first set.
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    Try the lighting at 45 degrees, at a height to get light into both eyes. Not easy in a self portrait. Because you were partially out of the shot I cropped you down the middle for a little more dramatic look. I added some contrast, got rid of some wispy hair and softened it a little. Very...
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    Quick shot of the girlfriend

    A quick edit. Hope you like it.