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    Yeap! still cant make a decision

    Ill keep it simple. Im going to spain for 2 weeks in july. My birthday is coming up in 20 days, it would be a great time to get one more lens in my bag for the trip. At the moment my kit is a 50 1.8, 70-300 4-5.6. I NEED a walk around lens but i also want a telephoto like the 80-200mm 2.8. So i...
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    80-200mm or 70-200mm sigma

    Nikon 80-200mm 2.8 Sigma 70-200mm HSM 2.8 I realize the sigma will focus fast. And because i will be using this for sports thats very important but. Which lens is sharper and better optically? The sigma is notably cheaper and i guess that worries me because its so new. So which would...
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    D70 firmware problems

    Im trying to update my d70 to 2.0 but when i download the file, now folder is created. im on an apple and when i open the file its just random numbers and stuff. any advice?
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    Tips for getting jobs - Targeted toward teens

    As a teenage photographer, i find in general people do not take me seriously. I am active within my school; i am a main photographer for the newspaper and yearbook. I would like to however do some jobs for some cash. Is there any way of putting myself out there?
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    long prime with soccer and football

    This winter i am going to invest in a pro lens for the upcoming soccer and football season. I was attracted to the 180mm 2.8 because its supposably nikkors sharpest lens. The best would be to have a 70-200mm Vr but that aint going to happen. I guess my problem is, would it be wise to use a prime...
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    Sharp pictures in lowlight- f1.8 and flash!!!

    I went to a wrestling match today. With a D70 and Sb-600 i attempted to take pictures, shooting 500 at f1.8 i couldnt get sharp pictures. I even tried taking off the flash and setting shutter speed to 1000, it was dark but still not sharp. Could this have to do with my camera? dust?
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    Looking at a basic printer

    Im in the process of building up my portfolio and figure that i should just buy my own printer. Wont necessarily be cheaper but it will save me some hassle. My sister is a photographer also, so we could share. Im looking for something to print up to 8 x 10 borderless. Compact flash slots would...
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    I dont really no why, but i think i should make a portfolio. Would be easier to show people my work, interviews etc. For ordering prints. Is there a "best" sight? Like Bh is for equipment. Also, besides resolution is there any other precautions i should take on my photos? Im worried they...
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    unsure how to edit this one-Other pictures for critique

    Not sure which i like more. Obviously they are going for 2 different looks. feel free to edit and post your version.
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    Its time for me to finally invest in some good quality filters. But, i have never seen so many for sale. Some being cheap as heck and others being hundreds. I want something for skies. To make them look more dramatic. So would i therefore use a polarizer or ND filter. -Good company and...
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    I have 500 dollars for a new lens

    I now have 500 dollars saved and i am looking to buy a new lens or two for my Nikon D70. I have a 50mm 1.8 and sigma 70-30mm. The lens does not need to be super fast because i have the 50mm. I am looking for a general lens that is sharp. Ken rockwell's website draws me to the 18-200mm...
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    Im looking to purchase a holga or diana. I need to be able to shoot 35mm. Does anyone have experience with the holga 135 made for 35mm film. As for as the original holga and diana, how successful is shooting 35mm in them.
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    28-80mm nikkor

    Need some cash so i am listing my nikkor 28-80mm lens. This lens has seen no abuse. Was never dropped or bumped. Takes nice, crisp picture. Pictures upon request. Paypal and united states only. Open to trades.
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    New wide angle

    Right now i have a 50mm 1.8, 70-300mm 3.5 sigma, and a Sb-600. I find when im inside the 50mm has too much zoom. So i figure that i should buy a wide angle. I also like the Nikon 18-70mm but...
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    I have read that i can use the SB-600 for highspeed water shots. Im using the D70 and i cant figure out how to get to higher shutter speeds. It limits me at about 500, not nearly enough for sharp water shots.
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    Olympus bag-sorry for all these threads

    Well, this makes 3 new threads today. Its about a bag this time. I am having trouble finding information or pictures of this bag open. Can this fit d70, 70-300mm f3.5, 50mm 1.8, 2x 28-80mm, sb-600
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    Flash diffuser

    Im going to buy the Nikon SB-600 Speed light. Should i use a diffuser? and if so , which one should i get? omnibounce, softbox?
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    55mm nikon reverse macro adapter

    I got a broken lens from a friend (broken mount) and have just found a use for it. I plan on buying a reverse macro adapter. I need a 55mm size for a nikon body. I can only find it on ebay and i would rather buy it from a regular online shop. Anyone know of any that have them in stock?
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    Rules for Shooting Sports - Indoor

    Well, the indoor season is here and i am once again faced with low light gymnasium lighting. For the local newspaper and school i am responsible for shooting basketball, wrestling and various other indoor fundraisers/ events. I cannot afford fast lenses and closets i have is a 50mm 1.8. So my...
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    new d70- and 200

    I just bought a D70 body as my own first DSLR. i have shot film and primarily use my mothers xti. Now i finally have a camera of my own. A sigma 70-300, nikkor af 28-80,50mm 1.8 prime, tripod, case and 4gb CF card are already in my collection. Now i have 200 to spend on photo equipment and am...