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    Music Video shot on Canon 5D2 MkII

    Hey everyone! I would like you guys to check out this music video which was shot on a Canon 5D2 MkII. YouTube - You Can't Say This on Demo Tapes - Solo For Dolo It was edited by me on a Macbook Pro using Final Cut. The cinematography was done by Pat Furey (Pat Furey Photography) And the...
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    Poet gets arrested!

    My friend Chris Rockwell is a public performer who does a combination of poetry and rap. We were at Seaside Heights and he busted one of rhymes and a crowd started to form. Five cops came over and forced him to stop what he was doing and made him leave the boardwalk. The reason for taking him...
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    I won a film fest using stop motion photography

    I recently entered the Ocean County Film Festival and had my stop motion, , screened in front of a couple hundred people. To my surprise I won two awards: Best Animation & People's Choice. David Silverman, director of The Simpsons Movie, handed out the awards to us. It was quite an exciting...
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    A Joyous Breakfast **Sneek Peek**

    Here is a little sneak peek to a short film/animation called "A Joyous Breakfast" I hope you guys enjoy ;) Click here to watch -->
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    Colorful Paintbrushes

    C&C :wink:
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    Before & After

    I really like this picture I took of my friend Adrianne and here is the original shot: I tried a go at post-processing via Photoshop: What do you guys think of the change? This was my first time attempting to post process and I've had trouble doing it in the past. Feel free to comment and...
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    DOF Compilation

    Some more photography I have been working on in my AP Studio Art Class. Feel free to comment, criticize, and critique. Thanks! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
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    The Anatomy of the Salvatore

    In my junior year of highschool, my friend Michelle and I made a short film called The Anatomy of the Salvatore. Our Algebra I teacher, Robert Salvatore, allowed us to make a movie about him. The reason why we made it? No idea. It was just a fun little project that turned out pretty big in our...
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    Shot of a Nikon D40

    Took a shot of my friend using their Nikon D40 camera. I only watermarked the photo. Should I make any color corrections? Comment, criticize, etc.
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    Beautiful Sky

    I was going somewhere and happened to have my camera. The pics aren't as sharp as I would have liked them, but I think you won't mind too much. 1. 2. 3.
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    Can you guess what this is?

    If you put your noggin to it, its not that hard ;)
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    Before and After

    Here is a picture I airbrushed in Photoshop: Before: After: I should be a candidate for Proactive. Darn pimples.. :x
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    My featured stop motion "Shave-motion"

    Hello everyone, I started getting into stop motion animation and made a short 20 second clip called "Shave-motion". To my surprise, it was featured on a popular video website called Stage6 ( You can watch the Stage6 version here: (Best Quality)...
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    AP Studio Art Photography

    Hello everyone my name is Mike and I'm new to the forums. I'm currently a senior in highschool and got into photography this year. My art teacher says I have a nack for photography, and I was just wondering what you guys think of them. Heres some samples of my work: