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    Cutely Pathetic Xmas Weed

    Love this.
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    Good looking dog

    Beautiful shot.
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    Morning in the Pasture

    The sky looks amazing.
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    Speaking Of Disguises

    Amazing shot.
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    Winter Scenes in Northern Virginia [9 pics]

    Wow. What a beautiful set.
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    Bulrush and wires

    What a beautiful image.
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    Clean-out finds.

    Thanks so much. Really appreciate all the help. Cheers!
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    Clean-out finds.

    Thanks for the info. I really thought the projector might have some vintage value, so that’s good to know. As for the Coolscan, we only have what’s in the pic, so it sounds like it’s incomplete. Still worth trying to sell? Can whatever’s missing be purchased still?
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    Absolutely stunning.
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    Betty Cooper?????

    This is awesome!
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    2021 Photo of the Year Voting

    These are all so stunning. Wow.
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    Clean-out finds.

    Hi all, We’ve been having a bit of a clean out at my parent’s place, and came across these 2 items. I’d appreciate any feedback on whether they have any value, and if so, what do you think they’re worth? * Hanimex Duorama IQ 8mm Movie Projector * Nikon Super Coolscan LS-4000 Film Scanner Will...
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    This is a really cool image.
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    Woman and car

    I love this so much.
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    Solitude In A Fish Bowl

    This photo actually makes me sad. But it’s really beautiful at the same time.
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    Reeds and Reflections

    This is so lovely. It looks like little stars amongst the reeds.
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    What image resolution do I need for a large canvas on my wall?

    Thanks so much for your reply. I actually get it now! 😊
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    What image resolution do I need for a large canvas on my wall?

    Thanks very much for your reply. And yes, I did mean recognisable pixels as opposed to movement. Thanks for helping me clarify that.
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    What image resolution do I need for a large canvas on my wall?

    Hi all, Hoping someone can give me some guidance. I’m looking at purchasing a large pop culture canvas for my wall. You know the ones where the image is split into panels - probably 5. The size will be up to about 150cm wide and about 80cm at the highest point. So my question is what...
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    Just got the Tokina atx-i 100mm 2.8 FF Macro but...

    Thanks for the feedback. I might try again. The store wasn’t helpful when I first spoke to them, but I’ll be persistent.