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    One Camera-One lens

    That's the top reason of having an SLR/DSLR... But, what I meant with RESTRICTED = 1 lens for all, No option to buy more lenses later on... :wink:
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    Filters for Real Estate Photography

    Circular Polarizer, you'll find it really helpful in bright daylight especially on reflective surface.
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    One Camera-One lens

    I would go with Canon G9 if non-DSLR is allowed, because why buy DSLR if you are restricted with only ONE lens. BUT, I don't want to spoil the fun... ;) Nikon D40 (non-X version) + Sigma 30 f/1.4 HSM, Good performance, fast, small, light and cheap.
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    Sony's new 25MP full frame sensor

    If Nikon use it for their next camera, I'll buy it... If Nikon skip it and develop their own 20+ Mega Pixels, I'll buy it... ASAP! ;)
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    Fast prime for DX?

    You can use all lens (DX or FF) on DX format, no problem at all... What kind of DX-camera do you have? If D40(x) then you have to be prepared to focus manually with some Auto-Focus lenses.
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    Best USED DSLR Camera - Nikon or others

    KR, controversy... Why? Because some people just don't like how he state some of his recommendation based on assumption, not his real field test, and he put that on his site. I don't blame them but I don't have any problem with the site either, I don't read it much but some of his review is...
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    Total beginner with a Nikon FE needing advice!

    If I could only pick just 1 film then it will be Kodak Tri-X 400! Too bad I couldn't find this film anymore, not in my country. Now I shoot with with Ilford HP5+ 400, then Ilford Delta 3200 or Kodak Tmax 3200, sometimes Kodak Tmax 100 for landscape.
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    Do these lenses compare?

    If you don't like the 18-200VR result, then I don't think adding any TC in behind of the 70-200VR is a good idea, any TC (no matter how excellent it is) will reduce sharpness and speed of the lens. But, it's an excellent way out to get longer reach with much lower cost (and less weight).
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    Leica, what's all the fuss about?

    Leica... Expensive, yes, but it's a craftsmanship. Better image quality, maybe yes maybe no, still depends on the user. Compact and silent, yes to M's, never have experience with the R's. Maybe Helen could give a better perspective on R. usayit, nice pair, nice Nocti ;) Helen, interesting...
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    Camera Bags

    Bea, maybe not every Crumplers have that 'lint' problem, I'm not defending Crumpler, I don't see any point to do that, and I would have gone mad as well if I've had that issue. But, based on my experience I bought 2 and both were clean (inside and outside), well now both are a bit dirty...
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    Camera Bags

    I have Lowepro Mini Trekker AW, Crumpler Whickey & Cox, Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home (without lint problem). I like them all and I want more bags, Brown Billingham and Black Domke are nice.
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    formatting Sandisk CF w Nikon D200 ??

    Actually, I had 2 corrupt Hard disk problem, 1 PC and 1 Toshiba Laptop. I remember the technician said All because I loaded nearly full capacity of the Harddisk. I'm not expert in computer, so I really don't know if it's true of false, but after that I never load my hard disk more than 75% of...
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    Attentio Computer Geeks - Any Suggetions for External Hard Drives?

    I no computer geeks, because of my limitation of computer knowledge this thread is exactly what I'd like to hear. I also looking for one, I like Lacie's design but if it doesn't come with great durability then I won't consider it anymore.
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    formatting Sandisk CF w Nikon D200 ??

    This is new to me, but very make sense because that's how you do to your Computer Hard disk, never load it with full capacity or it will corrupt. And CF is a storing device too. Fortunately, I rarely shoot down to 0, but I remember I did that couples of times. Will never gonna happen again...
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    formatting Sandisk CF w Nikon D200 ??

    TerpTide4, Are you sure it's 4 Gigs? if yes and it's still brand new then you should go to the store and return it. Jerry, seeing your post makes me realize that our 8 Gb Extreme IV doesn't have the same quantity when empty. Mine shows 480 on RAW only. 4 Gb Extreme III 240 RAW shoots (empty)...
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    Merry Christmas to All

    Merry Christmas to you too Orrin, and to you all.
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    formatting Sandisk CF w Nikon D200 ??

    I have D200 and Sandisk Extreme III 4 Gb too. Even if I set to RAW + JPEG Fine, I still have 156 shoots after formatted. I always format the CF twice, first from Computer then through Camera before use. Because sometimes your camera couldn't read some files from computer. I don't mix my CF, I...
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    what lens should i get

    You can always go with the 3rd party Wide angle zoom Lens if cost is your concern. They have been making very good quality Lenses so far. Especially for the Wide Angle Zoom lens, I rarely seen any complaint from users who have bought it, whatever the brand is (Sigma, Tokina, Tamron, Nikon or...
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    Nikon D300 vs. D3.

    All DX sensor is designed and engineered by Nikon, Sony manufactures almost all Nikon DX sensor. But D300 uses Nikon newest processor Nikon Expeed. I think Sony uses their own processor, but correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Nikon D300 vs. D3.

    There is a reason behind why Nikon urge to develop their first FF (FX) Sensor without any help from outsider. So they can keep the FX sensor technology as their secret. While DX sensor like we all know is shared by Nikon and Sony (+ Fuji). Nikon build their own body and lenses, Sony use Konica...